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A meeting is scheduled today for a Perth based company with a US east coast based CEO.


Poor guy is going to have to be up in the middle of the night to talk his crap. It won't be a video call because then we'd all get to see his dining room and kitchen.


What a farce. 3bn shares on issue! Where's the consolidation?


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Not hard to see this shooting through to 20c according to this chart. Hope its on something material and not a consolidation only.


Note how the last candle has opened up in the body whereas on the last one I posted it was just a cross. A cross indicates a change of direction is imminent as the market makes its mind up about what to do. The fact the body of the candle has opened up suggests the market is liking it. But the stock market wouldn't be the stock market if it were all so predictable. A minutes look at the fundamentals and you soon realize this company is a bit of a joke.


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Is this what we are waiting for? PYC's Oxford links coming to the fore. What was the name of the subsidiary or JV again? Phenomica? Something like that.





Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed Australia is in "advanced negotiations" to have a coronavirus vaccine manufactured Down Under.


His comments follow a report that Australia is days away from signing a deal with Oxford University to produce its "promising" vaccine.


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From the same article. A range of companies could well include PYC.

He said the Australian government has signed two nondisclosure agreements related to the production of a vaccine.


"We are in advanced negotiations with a range of different companies with regards to a vaccine," Hunt told Sky News on Sunday morning.


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Strange trading in the last half hour. Volume comes in but looks like the price is being suppressed.

Something coming in the next couple of days? Trading halt tomorrow maybe.


Someone always knows something. Who was buying in the last thirty minutes of today?


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Today's announcement should send this into the stratosphere. In another market it is worth billions. So what's the problem?


Like my old mate slayer used to say, PYC is a tractor. What then is it delivering or sewing?


Who owns the seed?


So many questions. Such a poor analogy. You'd think a SSH holder could do better.


How about, it's the gene therapy equivalent of heavy water in nuclear energy.

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