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As far as I am concerned, Forrest has made a considerable sacrifice to do what he could to improve the situation we found ourselves in. He, and others, have succeeded in improving the offer, even though we all feel it is well below our expectations and well below the value of the company.


I don't care what has maybe happened behind the scenes , I am grateful for the efforts made on my behalf by the CSAG.


I don't think Forrest and other campaigners deserve anything other than our grateful thanks.





ps I see that Forrest has answered for himself in the meantime

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No doubt a lot of work by Forrest and my thanks. However, had the offer as it stood, ie: $3.55, gone to a vote it would have been defeated. I suspect a much better offer than $3.80 would have been forthcoming if Q was serious.


I have my own strategy for dealing with this bid and it does not involve voting yes.






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Hi All


Did any body see my post before it got pulled,there was nothing in it worth pulling.


No l don't think it was Vic.


All l said it was good to hear from Vic that he wasn't swimming with the fish's(godfather saying).


Then l just commented that the CSAG needed some people from a european background to negotiate, we would have started at $7 and haggled to $5 something anglo's where not used to yet.


Why pull my post,l have never said anything racist or cursed ?


I thanked Vic .




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That's a lot of yes votes I guess?


It only one vote in about 1700 if they are all held by a hedge fund.


The CSAG, despite all the work by Vic, has been a disaster; a miserable 7% increase in the offer. I have voted no and will not be changing my vote. If most of the smaller shareholders also do this the SOA will be defeated.


I also get a feeling that there is a fair bit of anger out there amongst the minor holders, largely because a small clique of a major holders has called the tune.



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