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The big difference now though is that the company is well and truly on the market so any other buyers that may have been idle on the sidelines may well come forward. Wishful thinking maybe but why show your hand if there was no chance in the first place.


If CST is such a great company then there well should be other interested parties.

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I'd love to share your optimism , but potential bidders have already been canvassed and none were willing to pay more than $3.55

This deal has been "live" for months now.No sign of any other bidders.

Of course I could be wrong (I've been wrong with many aspects of this company so far !!). LOL.

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The point has been made that whilst Gavin might advise around 20% of the voting stock, he doesn't control it. The other point to remember is that 50% of shareholders by number must approve the scheme too. If many smaller shareholders (ie greater than 50% by number of shareholders) vote no, the deal will still fail.


It will be interesting to see what the market reckons when CST is finally trading again. Anyone want to guess what time that might be?

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