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G'day team, just thought you should know a letter from cellestis is on its way requisting the opportunity to meet Tony Radford...



here's the last paragragh "I would like the opportunity to meet with you, and have asked our communications adviser Ms------------- to contact you to arrange a time" just wondering if all or only substantial holders have been contacted? can't wait !!!!



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How could they make us a better offer we are so lucky we got such a great offer we should be kissing Tony's feet.


On another note l don't see another offer coming from Q .If they have sent most of their spare cash on that pommy firm at over the odds off 71% on the 13 of June

maybe they have already conceded knowing there is a blocking group to there CST takeover?

Just a thought,we have not talked much about that 47% buy up,how much have they left of their 900M.




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