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My thoughts are that up is a more probable move.Certainly corporate activity must be a consideration.Without takeover etc, the stock appears to have some merit as a recovery situation.I'm not sure how much stock was issued at lower prices but this could keep it down for a bit if so.


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I think you are right,they have after this spin off around $4.30 in NTA per share.


So you would think it is trading at a very small premium for their market share and business and it has to be a recovery play although i still favor NAB or perhaps even another player making a move at this level.


Around $6.00 would just about get this.


But could be some wild gyrations in the short term,i am trading the moves today.


But will look to hold a quantity when the dust settles tomorrow or early next week for any potential takeover and subsequent premium to this level.



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MLC which is now owned by NAB had their conference last week in Sydney and the talk of the conference was the acquisition of AMP by NAB.


It was spoken of in terms of a 90% done deal.


NAB want it ,the question would be at what price?


And the observation of the trading today would seem to support someone stepping up to the plate.



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Just a few back of the envelope sums here.

AMP lost just over 175 dollars per second for whole of last year or for a decent hourly rate of in excess of 630,000 dollars per hour.

Nice work guys.People get paid to do this ?!

And no doubt live a very comfortable retirement for doing so.I am fortunate in not losing anything on AMP but it must be a bitter pill for those holding since listing.

Heading in the right direction now at least.

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Hi balance, Yair agree > To many of our so called past BLUE Chip co's being run for Ego, Greed,Perks & certainly not for benefit of share holder's. Elliot started the trend when wanted to own the Co rather than just run it. Where are Elder's now. Tucked into abyssmally performing FCL. Management ain't what it used to be. To many smart new MBA's with delusions of Grandeur & self interest. c > b.
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