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QUOTE (El Barto @ Sunday 12/10/08 09:38am)

My thoughts on Friday ...

First thought: unprintable

Second thought: If everybody else sells in panic, keep a clear head.

Third thought: What are the odds? Buy at 27, how much can you risk? What's the upside?


For me, the answer was "buy at 27". Downside: somewhere between 10% and 50%. Upside: first gap 40%, next two gaps 90% and 140% respectively. Let's do it. Straight buy. Use own money. No leverage.

The picture below shows the 30-minute chart with a smaller inset zoomed in to the morning session at 1-minute resolution.


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In reply to: arty on Sunday 12/10/08 12:15pm

Good pullback with CNX today , that announcement the other day of the first commercial sussess of producing syngas from UCL worldwide was an asolute ripper.

No market depth avaiable last night on westpac broking so made it impossible for another re-entry , working long days.

anyhow early days , another first for an Australian company , well done CNX.

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This from an article titled Queensland looks to the Future .

In Construction industry News yesterday

http://www.constructionindustrynews.net:80/storyview.asp storyid=271074&sectionsource=s0


Carbon Energy and Incitec Pivot are proposing an alternative application for coal gas, with a proposal for underground coal gasification at Kogan, and value adding through manufacture of fertiliser and explosives for use within the local region.

The underground gasification involves lower capital investment to surface methods, and could reduce costs of these products. A 100-day trial period will commence shortly.

The high energy recovery of the underground coal gasification method (developed in conjunction with the CSIRO) is cited as one of its main advantages.




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QUOTE (bochman @ Tuesday 28/10/08 06:38am)

good morning bochman,


Looking at the chart: nothing new. One gap has already been closed, providing an opportunity to take profit; no guarantee the others will too, but probability is still high, so here's hoping http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


As long as the current support holds, I'll stick around. Will sell the remainder if it does drop, but may add again on the way up.


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In reply to: arty on Tuesday 28/10/08 07:58am

Hi Arty,

What software are you running and how do you find it..??

Cheers Pete.

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