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Bit of a move today something about to happen?
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Yeah MEP holds a lot of PTR and PTR just exploded


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Why would they want to float this "project" . Is the company so flushed with assets and potential that they can't manage this also?


I'm somewhat cynical about this strategy. I makes extra income for directors and extra expenses for shareholders . MEP has not brought anything to fruition --

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Strengthens ties with OZL

MEP has suspended drilling to allow for consolidation of data and refinement of the geological model in order to guide the next drill program. During Q3 2019, activities peripheral to geological modelling will include baseline ecological studies, first-pass metallurgical testing and high-level mining optimisations.

In addition, significant additional areas of mineralisation have been defined at Jericho outside of the current drill envelope. These areas have remained relatively sparsely drilled, show good geological continuity with strong copper-gold grades, and are expected to be the subject of future drilling programs.




The results at Jericho to this point have been highly encouraging, especially as the prospect lies just 6km from the Eloise mine. The MEP-OZL JV is seeking Eloise-style copper-gold and Cannington-style silver-lead-zinc mineralisation, with both styles evident in the well-endowed mineral camp around the Eloise, Altia and Maronan deposits. As a result, the market is paying very close attention to the current Jericho drilling program and has rewarded MEP with a 55% share price increase over recent months.


The broader and enhanced JV relationship between MEP and OZL is also enormously significant, especially with OZL funding all activities on the Jericho project from 1 April 2019. It seems clear that OZL holds very high hopes for the Cloncurry region, which is great news for MEP.



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