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In reply to: veeone on Monday 01/12/08 12:56pm

G'Day Doc


Thanks for the link. I saw a similar article in a previous edition of Virgin's in-flight magazine, based on Elle & Invisible Zinc. The 'Invisible Zinc' PR machine is in full swing. I've caught the commercial a couple of times on tele and witnessed the Myers rollout in the City store. I have no doubt that Zinclear has finally found some traction, and we should see some decent numbers in the near future.


As for keeping the faith, it's purely a numbers game at this stage. At 3c the company and technology isn't being valued fairly. With increasing personal care sales, and Dow Chemical in the mix this is a no brainer.


I believe the market has failed to realise how significant the partnership with Dow is. If Invisible Zinc believe that they will be selling sunscreen in the 'ten's of millions', imagine what is capable with an industry heavyweight like Dow. I have no doubt that the Dow thing will take some time, but once it finds traction I believe we will see exponential growth.


PS - You beat me to the punch by picking up the 100,000 shares. I picked up the leftovers...


Thanks for the crumbs http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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In reply to: alonso on Friday 05/12/08 10:28am

Hi alonso


Thanks for that.


Masso must have been fairly keen to lock in their distributorship, given their willingness to pay ANO $350,000 in advance of inital Zinclear sales.


All good




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  • 2 weeks later...

Do any ANO watchers know if there is a sunset on the Directors salary sacrifice arrangement for purchase of new issued ANO shares?


As far as I can see, it has been:


1) a loser for Directors who are way under water with the prices paid.


2) a loser for all other shareholders whose share holding becomes more diluted every time there is a new issue of shares for Directors to purchase under salary sacrifice arrangements.


3) a loser for the general taxpayer.




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QUOTE (doc-gt @ Monday 15/12/08 05:14pm)

Hi Doc,


I believe that the company is not permitted to issue more than 10 million shares/options over a 3 year period under the employee plan. Obviously trying to conserve as much cash as possible....


I would expect that interest in the plan would wane as the company builds its cash position with two cash injections in 09 ($350k due 1Q from EU distributor and $3 million from Energenics in 2nd half of 09).


For those that missed it, a media beat-up on the 7:30 Report on the ABC re: Nano sunscreens. Looks like ANO have positioned Zinclear IM in a favorable place, consisting of micro rather than nano particles.



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In reply to: alonso on Thursday 18/12/08 06:57am

I guess that's always a possibility....


Research conducted in the UK found that the general populace were not frightened by nanotechnology; rather it offered hope.


In last nights report, I found the Bluescope Steel thing most interesting, and slightly alarming. However, having touched based with a nano expert last night, the 'handprint' deterioration would not have been caused by the oils in the sunscreen rather than the nano-particles themselves. It's unfortunate that they didn't have a nano industry representative on-board to provide some balance to the report.

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