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In reply to: cable-guy on Tuesday 06/09/05 01:45pm

cable guy, very nice little run today. Am hoping for strong ,slow build to strengthen this run . wish I could have increased my holding. Luck to all http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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This chart shows that a new uptrend has just begun. The pattern is a bit sloppy, but this is typical of a new stock that hasn't been noticed by the market. As holders from the float drift off, traders are making their move now. Can expect much more interest in the future because of the important technology they are involved in. Chart says it all, target at the top of an upper trend line.


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In reply to: cable-guy on Monday 05/09/05 06:27pm

mmmmmm.......Looking good cg


Eveyones posts tell the truth, potential gone unnoticed in the past, IMO things should start to look pretty healthy over the coming weeks.


Cheers for now


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In reply to: HDW04 on Tuesday 06/09/05 04:53pm

some of us have been buying on weakness over the last few months and will continue t do so.

this stock has 6 cents in cash and should be cashflow +ve by mid 06


any announcements to do with supply agreements or new product distibution will push this stock higher.


I am looking for at least a 300% rtn on this and maybe more given where it has come from and its potentail.


and will be buying on weekness 'again "

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