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Cable, it's not the same technology as PSD. The common thread is nanotechnology and a platform nontechnology at that. I hold PSD and have been following aspects of ANO since long before listing. It's a great story ......just a pity (from my perspective) that it got away from me, but not for long now - suspect the cat is out of the bag!!



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krumbs, given whats happened to PSd and its share price and anything else to do with nanotech... Im sure it will do well.esp with the glodal price of Nano tech shares



they key is ANO is expected to be cashflow +ve first 1/2 of next year and small market cap, thus huge upside .



and i dont think the cats out of the bag . i think its just scratching around . as it hasnt even hit issue price yet. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif

plus not alot on the offer .



Ill be buyng more on pull backs

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In reply to: awol on Monday 25/07/05 02:27pm

I like the part where they supply to Oxonica in the UK and it has market cap of gbp 73mio aud 167mio (only listing and ANO has @market cap of 30mio .)


its doubled in value in the three days of lsiting


also see they W.A plant in working 5 days a week 24 hours a day .



I think there could be a fair bit of blue sky here and it has been sitting under the radar since listing on 20th july wednesday at 98 pence and is not gbp $2.00


makes ANO very under valued and might explain the sudden interest in ANO

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