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09:52, Monday, 31 January 2005


Sydney - Monday - January 31: (RWE Australian Business News) -



ASX code: ANO

Issue price: $0.20

Amount sought: $9 million

Market cap: $33.05 million

Underwriter: KTM Capital

Listing date: February 17

Nanotechnology involves the creation and use of matter smaller

than 100 nanometres.

One nanometre (nm), a billionth of a metre, is one 75,000th the

width of a human hair.

Advanced Nano was founded in 1997 present CEO Paul McCormick and

his team of researchers from the Mechanical Engineering Department of

the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Originally named Advanced Powder Technology, the company was

formed to commercialise the patented MCP nanopowder manufacturing

technology, developed by the UWA.

In 2000, Advanced Nano and Samsung Corning Co of Korea formed

Advanced Nano Technologies Pty Ltd, a 50-50 owned company to

commercially develop the MCP technology.

Dr McCormick says, "Advanced Nanotechnology believes its

nanopowder products have broad application and the potential to

penetrate emerging global nanotechnology markets in areas such as

cosmetics, industrial coatings, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, catalysts

and advanced ceramics."

Advanced Nano currently sells four products into Australian and

overseas markets and achieved sales to customers of $863,000 in the 2004

financial year:

* ZinClear - a transparent SPF 30+ sunscreen containing only

zinc oxide as the UV absorber.

* Alusion - soft effect pigments for masking the effects of


* NanoZ - for long-life transparent UV absorbing coatings.

* The fourth product manufactured by Advanced Nano is a cerium

oxide nanoparticle dispersion, a key component of Envirox, a fuel-borne

catalyst developed by Cerulean International.

The Stagecoach Group recently announced plans to introduce

Envirox across its 7000-strong bus fleet in the UK following a

successful 12-month commercial evaluation.

Advanced Nano chairman Harold Clough says, "Markets for

nanomaterials with special properties and processes have been forecast

by the United States National Science Foundation to reach $US240 billion

per annum by 2011-2015.

"Many governments around the world are investing in the future

of nanotechnology.

"The United States Government alone has committed some $US3.7

billion towards nanotechnology research and is leading the world in the

nanotechnology sector.

"Advanced Nanotechnology is well-positioned to participate

within the lucrative global nanotechnology market."

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In reply to: Livas1 on Wednesday 19/01/05 06:06pm

It have most of basic stuff oK. ie, product is there, the key is can they succesfully transform their product into commercial manufacturing.


Lab is one thing and factory is very different.


Some application advantage may not be so easy to sell, ie, do you care sunscreen have more white color if it does the same job and assume cheaper or go for one that have their product in it which appear transparent?


In general, I regard it as high risk with potential. B- grade.




John Yuan

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In reply to: hypergoldie on Friday 22/07/05 05:31pm

Got a few of these myself fellas. Went to top up today and chased the shareprice up all afternoon http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif


Technically looking very good after a couple of breaks through resistance levels. I like the Ox story, gives some real substance to ano. Think we will see a rapid rise in revenue over the medium term here.


25c hyperG ? Not sure why not...





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In reply to: The Zinc Punter on Friday 22/07/05 06:02pm

from what I understand. this is the same technology as PSD.


the ld "nanotech



it has a small market cap and is expected to be cashflow positve !!!!!!by the first half of 2006.


I could never bring myslef into buy PSD, due to the hype and market cap.

but this is used in commercial markets not health. so FDA etc


but i do like this and feel it could do very well in 2006.


also tightly held and there is alot of buying interest.







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  • ShareCafe Admin changed the title to ANO - ADVANCE ZINCTEK LIMITED

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