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Hi OG well I think more to the point I would be happy if I had some cash to top up. Look I dont doubt it will be over 4.50 within 6 monhs but I would have liked it sooner rather than later.

It is really frustrating for everyone except shorters I guess. Perhaps I should dig up my ebay account and see if they short stocks becaue I dont think comsec are doing it at present.


Maybe we should just short the XJO big time. :grrr:


You know why this is frustrating its simple because all those Greek and French and German woes will soon be behind us when the light switches on and someone comes up with either the cash or an idea. Perhaps all those countries have ALP gov.


See out future funds getting dipped into now....what on earth is next???

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Gee surprise, surprise, futures for the DJ showing a healthy red yet again !! would be nice to see a run of green days - oh for the old days when that was the norm !!!!! AGO will bounce back, they have healthy revenue and a still in demand resource.....






PS - who else hates that popup add for CMC when you log on !!!! :grrr: anyway of getting rid of it !!!

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Yes I wish we had a market where shorting was banned. But the shorters are playing a dangerous game. Look what happened just before the close in the US last night. There was a mad scramble to cover as the Dow went positive.


Atlas up first thing this morning, so i took my 4% in a day and sold out yet again. Watching Bus news on TV this morning left me thinking a Greek Default is coming. If i am sensible probably these guys have no real idea but hey you do have to rationalise in these times and stick to some plan. Atlas does seem more volatile than a lot of other stocks that drop and rise more in Sync with the Index.

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its seems everythime the market is down alot its becasue the Greeks are about to default, seems every week they are about to default but never do, l wish they would just get it over with and default :grrr: we will have one big crash then recover and that will be that, better still why not jsut kick the Greeks out of the european union.
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