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Hi frodo


I'm just an unskilled deckhand and you were the vice Captain and second in command. Even in Yemen the vice president is taking control LOL






Confucius said:I rather go planking LOL


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Nasty I am a shrivelling whimpering idiot incapable of running my life let alone a ship as big as AGO.


You are it boyo you have been elected.


I just want to know when is this market going to get over this ANOTHER correction and get moving again.

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Shame on you Cranswick - not title from here on in. Nasty I propose we turn this ship into a pleasure cruiser, I'll do the cooking, you do the bar and we will lift the operation to such heights that ex Captain Cranswick will be pleading to come aboard. Frodo you are on notice too, no more visits to the engine room till you tell us you are prepared to take over command.
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