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This is why I ventured above decks, I have been stowed away in the hold since the vessel stopped at island 247. I had no intention of making my presence known as I was sure I would end up with all the cooking and washing chores but the need to vote for Nasty's inclusion on the board flushed me out. I've left a curry simmering in the galley just to prove I exist but I'm heading back to my

hidey-hole now. Incidentally its amazing how much gossip you can hear when the forward hatch is open so just remember, if anyone comes looking, I know where all the dirty linen is stored. I have no intention of being made to walk the plank in the near future as I think we are sailing into tropical waters and I do love the sun.

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Morning Captain, Hi Sally good to see you up and about, I especially like the curry bit....yum.


About time AGO gave us a bit more news on something its been a bit quiet since the take over of GIR and we knew about that in Dec so come on AGO bring it on.....sale of Ridley.

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Hi Captain cranswick


Thanks so much for promoting me from a humble deckhand straight to a director. I knew my hard work and skills in planking were going to be rewarded LOL


Sally11 thanks a lot for your vote of confidence in me. That curry smells absolutely divine. Wish I could have some LOL



Now that I'm a director our beloved AGO have a lot more reasons to head for orbit. All we need now is those lousy yanks doing the right thing and Aussie dollar tank Amen LOL





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