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Posted 4/5/11

In Topic: AGO You sailor's might hit some fair weather tomorrow.

destination for this trip 368c North, 12/5/11 West.


Only one day left on my voyage, can you please allow me to disembark at the correct destination, (368c Island)

Will be forced to swim unless you can find a little more speed in this leaking tub.<(for permanent crew members.. please read "good ship")

I must say, the food during the voyage has been quite tasty, however I have found some of the crew to be a little strange, perhaps it's the sun and salt water.

Anyhow, good luck in your travels, I may sail with you all again one fine day.

Cheers, M

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Dont know how you worked that one Mistagear you must have a different crystal ball to Arty's. But I like your one better :) that was an exceptiuonal pick 368 if it comes off tomo although you wouldnt mind too much if it were 363 either I would think.


If our Captain had a charting tool like yours we would all be rich. Please post the next UP UP UP for us all to benefit. Hope it wasnt a one off ;)

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