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Maybe they all became sea-sick what with your party boat hitting yet another channel side - this time at the upper shore.



After kicking myself on Friday, for not taking profit on Thursday, I bailed on the open yesterday

Will look again if it dips

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Yesterday's gap-up already half-closed.

Only another 10% or so to the channel bottom. (No, frodo, I'm not talking "bottom of the harbour". :P )



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Hi Arty,


have I missed something here I have been out. ooops better look at the SP before I reply ;)


Okay okay whats with this SP, Hotfire said there was a gap at 3.40 is that the 10% bottom of the ocean Arty?


Please let it be the bottom this fluctuates so much I am literally hanging over the side every day lately.


Arty please can you make your next post more positive sometimes I think you sit in your parlour with a black hat and a cauldron and concentrate on my demise :weirdsmiley:


Lets be positive for tomorrow and say its up up and away from now on budget over with we all realise we are broke and things can only go up from here.

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Hi Ladies and Gents Captain cranswick and frodo Hi World


Thank God the budget is behind us now and we can get on with life till they reignite the Carbon tax issue and make the market even more lethargic as if the Aussie dollar's strength ain't enough.


There was nothing new in Swans budget as I expected and as always I'll have to pay more tax :devilsmiley: Once the flood levy is behind us they'll probably have the Radiation from Japan levy to replace it with. Bet they've already designed a catchy name for the next levy LOL


My only hope of today being a relativly decent day is the fact that overnight SPI was up about 1 percent and that'll do me for today Amen LOL




Confucius said: If you wanna be with Tony Abbott you have to be filthy rich LOL

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Greetings Men Of Atlas,

When are we ever going to burst through 5000 and stay there ? Its a traders market and s longer termers are left treading water. At least I have you lads to keep my sanity. 3.60 seems Our next port of call; expect the ship will be nearly empty if $4 tickets ever get offered.

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