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We are'nt a bunch of idiots holding a dog stock reassuring each other everything will be OK :weirdsmiley: .Based on the funademantals of the stock , iron ore prices , what most brokers , AGO still has more upside to come. :P l'm sure time will prove me right.
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Morning Captain, Nasty and crew,


we seem to be idling at the moment Crans cant you put your foot to the pedal :wacko:


Talk is that it will be $4 by end of week, but we have reporting coming out in US this week so who knows what they have in store for us.


Dont know if I will be joyeous when it reaches $4 or drop down dead after such anticipation.


In meantime enjoy a trade or two.

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Good morning Frodo and Captain.

I note your harmless banter has incurred a reaction. Well I for one am not bothered; maybe because Ago has made me money.

I see the Bull today likes Fortescue despite claiming Iron Ore prices may drop.


As that applies to Atlas as well, this is definately a market to watch ; no set and forget in this market. Still thinking of departing


A happy easter to all long termers :rolleyes:

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Hi Golfer,


well I am not exactly crying poor either. The IO prices will fluctuate all year I guess mainly because they are quoted either qtrly or,monthly in our case I believe, however all the talk in the world about IO prices collapsing or going south aint really going to happen for at least 12 - 18 months, I mean very south, simply because Africa is at least 2013-14 away from producing and exporting we just have to keep an eye on Mongolia but, I reckon my guess is if we held until mid 2012 we cant really go wrong. Having said that there are many factors like the GOV for one and the silly things they keep coming up with plus extreme external situations such as what we have seen so far this year.


My guess is there is no guessing what is going to happen from one week to the next you just have to do your best.


Its just good luck to all that are holding or trading whatever.

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