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  • 16 years later...

On November 27th, 2017, Motopia Limited (MOT) changed its name and ASX code to Cirralto Limited (CRO).



Cirralto Limited (CRO) is involved in development and commercialisation of technology assets that enable modernisation of business IT systems via conversion, migration, and management of server-based legacy data and systems to the cloud.


It been bubbling along, then in December, a run up based on thisnews:


Key Highlights

● The BPSP agreement incorporates a discounted merchant rate that will increase Cirralto's profit margins on credit and debit card payments by up to 40%. The discounted merchant rate reduces the Company's interchange cost price to process card transactions.

● Significant efficiency improvement in AML / KYC compliance and approval times.

● Significant Business Model improvements for Cirralto and its customers.

an ASX Query brought this response:

Company notes its recent ASX announcements regarding agreements entered in to with Nasdaq listed Fiserv and VISA (announced Monday 7 December) and Fiserv and Mastercard (announced Monday 14 December) in quick succession has resulted in a significant increase in investor commentary across social media platforms, as well as increased trading activity in the Company's shares.

The Company continues to work closely with its partners in progressing programs of work in the payments sector and rolling out solutions to its customer networks and will update the market accordingly.


and seems to be holding up. Quarterly due soon. I wonder if BNPL is clipping its wings somewhat?

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Something to CRO about; has gone from $0.065 to $0.115 in a week. ASX Query

1. No.


2. Not applicable


3. The Company notes recent market, social media and investor focus on ASX Listed companies that have technologies associated with payment and merchant services. Other companies in the sector such as Openpay Group, Ioupay Ltd and Zip Co Ltd appear to have also experienced recent material share price increases.


4. Company confirms that it is in compliance

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