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Read back through the history of this one today. Looks to have been one which was well and truly "groomed for sale" on the IPO. Followed by the inevitable "disappointing" year and big share price fall off (listed Dec 04 at $1, low of 42cps, current price 60cps). Now into the "normal conditions resume" phase.


I'm guessing NPAT at $2-$2.5m this year. On market cap of $19m, there might be a trade in it.

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Still going for sale at a mere 75.5cps and, with result out, looks like forward P/E could be down at 7 or below. First half NPAT of $2.2m, up 86%. Interim dividend of 4cps plus full franking.


First half is generally better and earnings can be a little bumpy, but does look cheap here.


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Thanks for posting on AMO, Lizard.


I read up on it and loved the story.


Lots and lots of good things - in fact hard to fault it except for a poor cashflow.


Not sure what happened there - maybe they bought heaps of equipment expecting a big contract to come in or something -and the contract got delayed.


AMO has heaps of inventory - nearly as much as the market cap, after you strip out the cash , from memory.


Surely if AMO brings out a great result, HGL's shares will get snapped up.


That's what I'm hoping. I sure hope it's not a bad result as I wouldn't want to get out of AMO in a hurry!


It's a very unusual situation with HGL selling down that huge parcel in dribs and drabs like that.


Since they've been selling, AMO has brought out a great profit forecast and a sizeable contract order, effective immediately - and yet the share price hasn't been able to reflect this added value.


The other thing that excited me was that AMO benefits from a strong Auusie dollar - since they import al this expensive equipment.


I also liked their zero debt, low p/e, high likely ff dividend, their attractive forecast, the quality of their customers, the share chart, the high NTA and the industry they are in.


If all is as good as it sounds, you think HGL could find an institutional buyer to take their shares off them in one hit.


Maybe I'll phone HGL up and ask theem why they are behaving so oddly!

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