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not much activity or interest in LYL here.


Annual report due out end of next month.

price appears to be in an uptrend. not sure if its just following the market, or if its doing it of its own free will.

from what i can see, its been showing consistent volume lately, and solid volume over the last week. very little currently on offer on the SELL side.


I continue to hold.

this stock gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :P

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Finally starting to see some reward!


Results will come out next week, and everytime they have, they have always been understated - a reason why i like the company so much. Trustworthy management that don't need to bignote themselves or the company.


Stick fat and the stock will do the right thing by you... eventually!

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Great result bam.


NPAT topped $14m, above what I thought a couple of months ago; I thought $12m would have been good. Cash has gone from $10m to $26m, borrowings down from $4.6m to $2.8m, an increase of 17% on net assets (that's what we own!) and paying a whopping 20c final dividend, which was over 10% yield on last night's close (not to mention the 5c interim.....).


This result is about as good as it gets in this past 12 months. The risk though was priced in, take the risk and buyers were rewarded.



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someone wanted in this afternoon....



17-09-2009 --- 02:38 PM --- $3.150 --- 26640 --- $83,916.000

17-09-2009 --- 02:37 PM --- $3.150 --- 23360 --- $73,584.000

17-09-2009 --- 02:37 PM --- $3.150 --- 26640 --- $83,916.000

17-09-2009 --- 02:36 PM --- $3.150 --- 23360 --- $73,584.000



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About four times the usual volume today. Possible reasons:


i) Run-up to ex-dividend day next week.


ii) A large buyer continuing to see lyl as undervalued in a recovering environment.


iii) 'No nothings' jumping in after lyl was given a plug on Sky's "Market Moves" last night as a company that may make some dough from the WA gas bonanza.




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