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QUOTE (mdchippo @ Thursday 19/06/08 12:59pm)

I had held since 35 cents and this stock is probably heading to $3.50 and possibly headed to $35.00.


Is that a typo?


Definitely not.


if 100MT+ of premium iron ore is proved up at Railway, we have $3.50.


if another 100MT or 200MT is proved up at Jumbo Junction, we have $7 to $10.


if 800MT is proved up at Yandi, along strike from BHP and RIO, we have $35.00.




UMC. Quiet achiever. Step by step. Strength by strength.


Further, Railway has struck micro-platy of 66% iron ore at 100 metres under Railway. Could be something MAJOR there.


Have faith, be wise, do not doubt is my advice.


Good luck to holders.



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In reply to: Marana on Thursday 19/06/08 01:05pm

Hi Marana,


Best I/O stock in the Pilbara with the most upside by a country mile imo.


Noticed in your post, you have not included the Bauxite potential.


Don't under estimate the Norsk Hydro JV.


A couple of years down the track if we haven't been T/O by then and UMC will be a Monster.


Cheers markco2



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In reply to: Marana on Tuesday 24/06/08 06:12pm

G'day Marana (Vayama). LOL!!


Had not realised it was you.


Over the last few months i have been steadily increasing my holdings in UMC.

Through all the research that Bungy and others have done i have learnt so much from them.


Mate, this Initial Jorc is just the beginning.


Thats what has me so excited.

I have only held them since February and yet it seems like 12mths.


Understand the old addage "Never fall in love with your stock".


However, UMC has such an amazing opportunity going forward.


Did not realise just how good this one is.


Initially i was going to buy either BRM or UMC.


Well Marana, i think this time around i chose the right one. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


I like the sound of $35.


It has a certain ring to it.


Could be more.


Cheers markco2

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In reply to: Marana on Tuesday 24/06/08 06:12pm

Hi guys,


Just thought let me add to this forum as UMC deserves a bit more attention here on SS.


Like Marana is saying this company has some growing ahead of it and a share price that will follow.


They have plenty of high grade DSO on their tenements and basically only have to drill a hole to prove it up to the world.


This will be one of the fastest growing Iron ore Juniors imho, because they have first class stuff and close to excisting railway lines.


And we are not talking about a few tonnes but more about hundreds of tonnes of high grade iron ore with low impurities.


I will stick it out with this company for some time to come and UMC is now the second largest holding in my portfolio (after AGO).


Good luck guys and lets look forward to our first JORC.



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In reply to: mdchippo on Thursday 17/07/08 02:00pm

Awesome. It was/is a nice time to accumulate under $2, after all of the great news flow from UMC in recent weeks.


Keep in mind the best news flow of all. Exploration manager Barry Fehlberg buying 200,000 options on market on 3 July 2008 for $2.20 each and converting them. Barry spent $480,000.


Must be looking good to him.


UMC - WHAT A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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