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In reply to: Wilson! on Friday 04/01/08 10:13am

Hey guys (Vayama and Wilson)

Just like to give my 2c worth.


It is very exciting times for UMC. Initial drilling has identified Railway and further drilling has found nice Marra Mamba at depth. Looks as though we could have 20-30m thickness here.


For valuation sake, lets take $5 per tonne as a conservative estimate.

So if UMC prove up at least 100Mt @60%+ Fe at Railway, we're taling about a market cap of $500m.


As of 02/01/08 Appendix 3B notice, we have


5.4m Unlisted options

107,646,275 orsinary shares

40,120,393 listed options


That's 153,166,668 shares full diluted once all options are taken up.

This is what I really like because it gives you multibagger oportunity when there isn't 100's of million of shares on issue.


So at a market cap at $500m/153.1m = $3.27


Some think there will be 200Mt at Railway which would give us a market cap of $1Billion at $5 per tonne valuation and a share price of $6.54


now let me say that a $5 per tonne valuation is very conservative indeed. With infrastructure all around and top quality Hematite Fe, I'd say a valuation of closer to $10 per tonne would be more realistic. Now do the sums on that and the mind boggles.


Lets not forget this is ONLY Railway, we Fork north and Southern Flank


Vayama Fork North 100Mt refers to Brockman ore, we don't know how much of it falls on UMC land just like 19Mt at Camp Hill.


Certainly very exciting times. I certainly expect a share price of $5 perhaps in 12 months time



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In reply to: tony73 on Wednesday 06/02/08 12:56am



well fellas, not sure about any of you but I can see only one reason UMC is at this level .... the directors have yet to get their oppies protected and its quite possible that any corporate action is awaiting this little quirk being fixed .... conversion of oppies to sell shares at status quo levels to friendly parties .. drilling ongoing, but no big announcement tying it all together ... i think management and perhaps big corporate friends will have more to say early next month .... and then how high could this go. old highs yes, but i still think broome is good in april.


the fact other IO plays are running (mdx !) suggests its all still a goer in the sector .... now UMC will be to market well before other hopefuls ... and surely by the end of the month we will see more movement upwards in the shareprice ... there is so much to like about this stock, but when it languishes it really languishes.


disclaimer: why am i so keen? I just doubled my oppies exposure by buying the parcel of 49000 at .595 ... too cheap imo to miss the opportunity. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif

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In reply to: neutron on Thursday 28/02/08 11:55am

two lots of good news late this arvo. should crack back through $1 tomorrow imo. THX has not moved yet and maybe a good way to get a run on UMC also.

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In reply to: Jay on Thursday 28/02/08 09:31pm

UMC have a lot of share price ground to make up.


The January equity meltdown has shattered market sentiment...making it tough for stocks like UMC that have been victims of margin calls.


Under different circumstances, UMC would be $1.50...maybe $2.00 by now.


So...what I am suggesting is that UMC appears to offer outstanding potential for those looking for an up and coming iron ore play.


UMC are further developed with the revealations of the last few days, than the stock that was trading well above $1.00 late last year....yet here we are trading at 98c.


It is not without risk - because the Crabb stable doesn't seem to garner wide spread market support - but given what they appear to have you wouldn't want to be selling at these prices.


Could very easily double from here in 2008.



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spot on.


its taken weeks and weeks for UMC to get back the .20 it needed to crest $1 again ... when this pops it will take two days to get to $2.


mark this one in the little black book ... or better still check the past five announcements .... all good ... unbelievable value imo.

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In reply to: tony73 on Monday 03/03/08 11:59am

on a positive note. buyers have been all over it today on this little pullback. would not surprise me to see it finish about even or green.

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