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QUOTE (filament @ Monday 10/04/06 03:48pm)

1 win in 42 tests is it adder? prob should not be playing full tests yet imho.

on most occasions any state or county side would have zimbabwe or bangladesh for breakfast.


arrogant Ian, bit tough.Its not like the team organised the schedule.

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In reply to: balance on Monday 10/04/06 03:38pm



"A batsman's paradise" ... which would explain the amount of turn that MacGill and Warne were getting, right ?


Lee and Clarke bowled crap, and got hit.


Gillespie didnt, and got wickets.


There's something in that for all of us - if you are bowling on a traditional subcontinental pitch, dont expect to be able to do what you do in Perth.





Worst Statistics Ever by Warne. And he deserved all of it.





The arrogance was on the part of the ACB. But it was arrogance none the less.


And when Bangladesh have just scored 6-406 against Australia is probably not the time to be arguing against their Test credentials.


Ian Whitchurch

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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Monday 10/04/06 04:56pm

when they do it consistently I will re rate them.happy to do so when that happens.test cred hardly rests with one innings nor one win if that is what transpires. if they win the series then come here and hold their own in a series, no problem what so ever.This could be a watershed for them who knows.


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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Monday 10/04/06 03:56pm

Hi again Ian..I am not taking anything away from the Bangladesh batsmen

they have performed very well.


And you are correct when you said this:


"A batsman's paradise" ... which would explain the amount of turn that MacGill and Warne were getting, right ?


Yes you are right again they are getting turn, bit it is so slow we see batsmen playing

from the pitch.


When Warne & MacGill are bowling with "bounce and zip" they are impossible to

play from the pitch. If you don't pick it out of the hand you are history.


We have seen the Bangladesh batsmen here have trouble picking the "Wrong un" but the pitch is so slow they have time to re adjust their strokes...this can only be done with success on a slow, slow pitch...normally you do not get that time...


As I said Bangladesh are making a game out of it...and good on them.


We will not know how good until the Aussies get their turn to bat.


...Go Aussies Go....

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In reply to: theadder on Monday 10/04/06 04:13pm



Let me remind you where this game is being played.


Fatullah, a suburb of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.


Which is on the subcontinent.


Which is known for it's low, slow, turning pitches, and has been since the Nawab of Pataudi was playing for the MCC.


You are stating the the pitch is playing like ... drumroll ... a traditional subcontinental pitch.


And you are also stating that the Australian bowlers dont know how to bowl on it, or do know and can't execute.


Well, McGill seems to have some clue, with his use of sliding topspinners.


Lets see Australia bat on it. I'm ready to make a sporting proposition that Rafique will get more wickets than Warne, and Masrafee more than Lee.


Ian Whitchurch

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The lessons from the 115 overs of play so far are obvious and undebateable.


Warne Out. MacGill In

Lee out. Gillespie In.


This is the only possible outcome of almost 4 sessions of play.


On a more serious note, Im glad Bangladesh are doing OK, they are a fanatical, emerging nation, yest they have lost 40 odd tests and won one. Each time they have a day like yesterday they become closer to breathrough. If it wasnt for the political termoil in Zimbabwe they may well have built on the success of the Flowers era.


Sri Lanka were crap...until the weren't !! When they started achieving we should not forget they changed 1 day cricket forever with their at the time revolutionary tactics and they have statistically speaking the 2nd best spinner of all time (who may well surpass Warney's records).


I hope they make a strong performance in both tests.


And as for Warney, his ability to shoot himself in the foot, while his foot is in his mouth is legendary.......


To have a go at Murali coz his wickets are cheap...then to get humped for your worst figures ever......and to not realise...for all Warnies greatness....he has NEVER had to bowl against Australia......

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Australia 4/74 http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/puke.gif


Banga's on fire and track misbehaving - follow on pending - innings defeat http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif


am I dreaming http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif

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