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In reply to: dee27 on Sunday 09/04/06 06:20pm

The minnows Bangledesh are doing extremely well and good on them..


1 for 226 at the moment...a test of charactor for the Aussies


Go Aussies Go.. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif

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In reply to: theadder on Sunday 09/04/06 06:27pm

This Saffa might become a Banga soon, kudos to the Banga's 340/4 in 81 overs, cheese n' rice what are the odds?! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif


Saffa's couldn't do it http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif


Go the Banga's!

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yes you are right filament, statistically it is the best cricket nation playing

the lowest graded cricket nation.


On the day things can change, with a batting wicket prepared like this one

I hate to think what Australia would have made if they batted first..


Nice to see a minnows standing up to the top cricketing nations.


Bring it on...tough, tight competition is needed in all sport.


Go Aussies Go.





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In reply to: theadder on Monday 10/04/06 10:19am

The Adder,


Did you actually watch any of the game ?


There's turn in that pitch - a *lot* of turn.


It is is slow, low, turning track - a traditional subcontinental pitch.


Gillespie bowled to the conditions, and got rewards.


Clarke and Lee didnt, and they got thumped.


MacGill bowled well, and was always a danger. A tired Warne bowled crap, and got belted for his worst ever Test figures.


I am looking forward to seeing what Masrafee, Shahadat, Rafique and Haque do when it's their turn to bowl later today. Especially against a tired, jetlagged Australian side that was arrogant and incompetant enough to think they could step off a plane and play Test cricket with no warmup games.


I've been following the Tigers for a long time, and this day was coming.


Ian Whitchurch

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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Monday 10/04/06 10:36am



Did YOU watch the game ?


Banga batsmen used up their luck for next 18 months at least ...


I've never seen so many false shots played in the air that didn't go to hand !! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif


Naturally, aussie bowlers were frustrated and got hammered as a result


Thank god, it's a five day game and sanity will prevail...,however, beating them in more then 3 days is well below par...

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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Monday 10/04/06 10:36am

hello Ian I am a cricket tragic...love the game.


Yes I certainly seen it all...I have retired, so am able to do so.


PC in same room as Austar (our Pay TV) so I am watching as I write.


Yes oval is lovely and green but pitches have been rolled and rolled and

rolled until the pitch is hard like concrete...easy to see on the first day as

the pitch had a "Sheen" on top.


This is a batsman paradise....and it has been said the batsmen did play

some very chancy shots but in between they also played some good ones.


The saying goes like this "FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE" and it certainly



In saying this I find it hard to understand how you can bowl and bowl and bowl

until your figures are 0/118 even if you are shane Warne.


Five front line bowlers in the side and Warne just bowling, bowling, bowling. I

think he would still be bowling except he hadn't hurt his shoulder.


No new ball when the 80 overs were bowled.....beyond me....


I would have taken it immediately and given it to Gillespie, his line and length

were back to their best...


I like to see Australia put under pressure as they seem to be able to perform

at their best..


Go Aussies Go

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In reply to: theadder on Monday 10/04/06 02:43pm

Shane Warne doesn't think that Bangladesh should be playing test cricket.


He is against their inclusion with the international teams.


It probably erked him to have been belted all over the field by them.

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