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Surely the Kiwis should start favourites.

In their last meeting in 2019, New Zealand beat India 2-0 at home in New Zealand.

Kiwis have just beaten the Poms 1-0 in a series in England.

It was only rain that prevented the scoreline being 2-0.

They have assimilated well.

Due to covid, rescheduling, IPL etc, India have not played any red ball cricket since beating England 2-0 in UAE early in March.

The Indians will be coming off a disjointed IPL T20 series in India, not ideal preparation.

A champion team versus a team of champions will triumph every time.

And we must not forget that the English women's team is making life difficult for the Indian Women's team in a 4 day test match.

Pity it won't get the coverage of the mens test.


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In the recent drawn test between the England women and the Indian women, the Indians went from an excellent 0 for 167,

to an unbelievable 8 for 197 !!!


Cricket is such an unpredictable game.




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Well done Kiwis. They deserve this, having been so close a couple of times to a major title. Inaugural World test champions !!!


Very competent and focused team that doesn't get distracted, and that's down to the captain, Williamson, a terrific cricketer.




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What a bunch of overpaid wankers.

I hope they did not think they were representing Australia.

I am beyond disgusted.

Broncos are losing, our cricketers have turned into a bunch of sissy girls.

I have no alternative but to get to know my kids and talk to my wife.

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