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Another pretty poor display by the Aussies. For mine, Burns has to go, and Travis Head also just isn't up to it.

We desperately need Warner back, we need Smith and Labuschagne to start firing. The Indians have bowled brilliantly and generally fielded well, and thoroughly deserve their dominant position in this test.

I am hoping our bowlers can give Green some support, but I fear the new ball may see the end of us pretty quickly.

A disappointing batting display.




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The main difference between the two teams is the catching.

I don’t recall an Indian player dropping a catch, and some of the ones they did take were very good.

Rahane was drooped three times in getting to his century, with two others going down.

The bowlers must feel mighty pissed off.

They do all the hard work, andthe fielders let them down.

Stark must have felt well and truly aggrieved, he had three of the five off his bowling.

India thoroughly deserve to win this test , which is even more creditable when you consider how badly they beaten in the last test, and given the quality of players missing.

We will hear all the platitudes about sticking with the players, but so far, Wade is the only batsman who can hold his head up.

Players like Renshaw, Handscombe, Cameron Bancroft and even Glen Maxwell must be wondering why they never got as many opportunities as either Burns or Head.

The outer players must feel miffed, the inconsistencies of selectors is astounding.



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The selectors are not picking the best players.

They seem to have fallen into the old British mentality, that unless you went to Oxford, Cambridge, Eton or Harrow you had no chance of making the team.

We have a lot of good players just waiting in the wings but for some reason or other are not being picked. Seems Langer et al are not picking the best players but the players they like. "Team" men not good players. Guys who fit into the team, not the players who will make the other players uncomfortable or show them up. Camaraderie is more valued than skill.


It also seems to me that once you get picked in the team it is almost impossible to be dropped.

IMHO, from the captain down there are half a dozen guys in the team who should be given a long or permanent holiday.


I like the look of Cameron Green. Is it too early to call him a future Australian captain?


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Hohns, Chappell and Langer have some thinking to do. At least I hope so, not just justifying keeping non-performers in the team. Burns and Head definitely should go.


Well done India, a really great and stunning comeback. Rahane did a superb job.


I'm finding the 20/20 stuff almost too much to bear with the embarrassingly poor and juvenile commentary by one anchor in particular. And even worse are the commercials for fifth rate American programs that Ch7 is going to inflict on Australia ....... how can any sane person watch them even for a few seconds?


Enough ranting from me. Do hope we get some new blood plus Warner into the team.





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Travis Head has survived, Burns has been sacked.


Embattled opener Joe Burns has been dropped from the Australian side and sent back to the Big Bash League.


David Warner, Will Pucovski and Sean Abbott have been included in the squad


Burns should never have been picked this season. Travis Head simply isn't up to test standard as a specialist batsman, and seems very scared when asked to field in a "silly" position.

Let's hope Warner can return, and maybe Pucovski to replace Head.




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Travis Head has had enough chances.

After 19 tests, his average is still below 40, and just does not seem to have the temperament for test cricket.

May as well play Marcus Harris with Warner (assuming he is fit), and let Pucovski make his debut at No 5.

Mind you, I am not sure either will make a lot of difference.

If India play the two spinners , then win the toss and bat first in Sydney, they will be very hard to beat, Kohli or no Kohli.


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Much debate about Pucovski.

There are even a few who want bouncers outlawed. Others are arguing that because "head high" is illegal in AFL and Rugby , it should be outlawed in cricket ........ seemingly unaware that cricketers have very good helmets and footballers don't.

"Test" cricket is named for a good reason ..... it is the ultimate test. Even bowlers in test cricket have to be able to face the hostile fast bowling these days ...... not particularly successfully usually, but it is part of test cricket these days.

Our modern society is getting softer and softer, "everyone should be able to do everything they want".

Not many get into radical free climbing for a good reason. It takes very special talents, including courage, mental toughness and discipline.

Test cricket also demands the very highest standards of skill and courage. That is why it is so enduring and fascinating. Skill combined with physical danger ......... testosterone.

I do hope Pucovski makes it, but it will not be easy, and it shouldn't be.




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In the old days they just played the game

Big controversies like body line made the news

Today social media and the rapacious mainstream media want anything to fill the 24/7 news cycle

Anything is fodder, a bowler tripping over , a bouncer hitting a helmet

The more alarming the better

It is as though marginal entrants to the Test arena

Are trying to modify the conditions of the contest

I’m not too good at hooking bouncers for 6

So could you please ban them for me and all the others like me


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New South Wales Acting Premier John Barilaro says it is up to the Queensland Government whether the SCG will host back-to-back Test matches, with Indian officials reportedly expressing concerns about having to play under quarantine conditions in Brisbane.


Acting NSW Premier John Barilaro says Sydney is open to hosting the fourth Test

Reports suggest India is not happy to enter a hard quarantine in Queensland for the fourth Test

Australia has not lost a Test at the Gabba since 1988 and India has never won a Test there

The Australian and Indian teams are set to fly to Sydney on Monday to continue preparations for the third Test, before flying to Queensland for the fourth and final match.


However, a source in the Indian camp has reportedly expressed concern over the team being forced into a hard quarantine upon entry to Queensland, saying they would rather the final — and possibly deciding — Test be played elsewhere.


The speculation about a venue change comes as both Cricket Australia and the BCCI investigate whether five of India's players broke biosecurity protocols in Melbourne on Friday.


A video on social media appeared to show Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, Shubman Gill, Prithvi Shaw and Navdeep Saini eating inside a restaurant.


A cynic might suggest it was more of a case of preferring to play at the spin friendly SCG venue instead of a seaming Gabba Wicket, rather than any real concerns about quaranteening. Especially with two world class spinners in their team.

And of course the second wicket will likely be a bit underprepared in the interval between the two games, helping the deterioration, and thus their spinners.

Especially as there has been a bit of video proof of half the team eating in a restaurant seemingly behind closed doors in breach of the agreed protocol.

Nah, the Indians are not that underhand.


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