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I have nothing at the moment except a pile of contract notes sitting in my drawer and Outlook folders.


Can anyone recommend the software they use for keeping track of trades etc - I want to hand something to my accountant that makes sense at the end of the year! (Yes I will ask him what he would prefer too).


Also - what systems do people use for live feeds etc - I only have an online trading account with NAB but they don't provide live feeds etc


Finally - does anyone really have a full service broker they would recommend? I am pretty much purely biotech & mining spec's and would like access to the funding entry levels in many stocks and happy to pay - I just don't know anyone.


Thanks in advance.

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In reply to: slayer on Tuesday 23/11/04 04:33pm

Slayer, MAUS stockmarket plus is fairly good, I got my copy with an extension of my subscription to Shares magazine for free, it's supposedly worth $199, you can enter all buys and sells and keep a running account book which shows all trades, when, what,brokerage, splits, etc

Cheers Moosey

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In reply to: dory on Tuesday 23/11/04 05:14pm

OK - so far I am very slow on this front - only tried the topshare one - looks really good and I was exited but hit a snag on my first trade! I bought the same amount of a stock at the same price on the same day and it doesn't let you do that! Easy fix was to put double in but the other snag is that you can't sell the stock on the same day - not that I've ever done this but I would like the system to be able to do it just in case. The owner of the system said there will be a new release next year which will fix this but I must admit I didn't go any futher with it.


Still progressing (slowly)

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