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Hello Frodo,


I was looking at posts and saw SIE and thought I would see what people were saying...Saw your post and thought I would write something. Years ago I saw a takeover offer for SEI. Almost all the shares were transferred over to a Polish company, and those holding could sell out at the takeover offer, or switch to the Polish Company...which I did. The shenanigans that occurred there were quite astonishing....with wild manipulation to entice Europeans to buy the stock.....Australians who kept their shares, and there weren't many, were no longer informed of announcements , and it was only thru contact with a Polish broker that I found out what was going on...


I no longer trust anything that SIE are involved with. If , and I say ""IF"" I were to buy this company's stock it would be purely on a charting basis which told me that something was afoot. But there will never be a lot of shares to buy....there just aren't many holders left I would guess. However, things may have changed...but I can't see how. Control is in Poland.


(As I recall the Israeli, who was the major shareholder, and was involved in the Diabetes formula....did not sell his shares when PolishControl occurred, and it was my belief that he was staying in as part of the manipulation....And so I stayed in too. It was the biggest win I have ever had...but I wouldn't trust those directors at all..not at all...Just my thoughts )



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