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In reply to: mooomooo on Friday 12/08/05 10:44am

Read about this one in the Shares Mag I received last night.


Looks like everyone has read the same story by the volume going through today.


Very positive article, mind you the writer's family holds shares in BXP.


It's worth getting your hands on a copy to have a good read over the weekend.





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In reply to: marineboy on Friday 12/08/05 12:30pm

I have been a rap for BXP for a while. Higher highs and higher lows since 1/5/05.

Great potential especially in pre paid mobile phone which has tons of potential growth in it.

More and more Bill Express screens popping up everywhere.

Shares mag says year on year revenue growth of 45% per year for the next 3 years.

I topped up yesterday.

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Page 16 of the September 2005 issue of Shares magazine contain the interesting article ("just the Ticket") on BXP by Trevor Hoey.


Basically the key points are:


* Not too many small cap (90 mil ) have the earnig profiles of BXP (pe about 8 at 25c, earning growth of 45% over next 3 years)


* 2nd largest national bill payment network after Aussie Post and BXP logo displayed over 80 millions bills annually.


* Each day BXP (Dial Time) sell more than $1 m of vouchers for pre-paid mobile recharge, long distance calling cards, internet access, moble phone ring tones & images across Australia.


For further deatils, read the magazine.





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Thanks busylion, beat me to it.

It is the September edition that came out on friday.

IMHO BXP looks good. It will be interesting to see it kicks on from here or whether it takes a while for the market to pick up on its value.

Wait and see.

Rocksteady, have a look at the webpage for BXP, it will give you a good guide.

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