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UPDATE Re: "PSD": Ok your thinking what the hell has Rogue picked PSD for it looks like shit!, true but id say so does the whole market!

Anyhow this is the situation big seller on .53cents story behind the big seller is that he is pissed off with BBY (STOCK BROKING FIRM) who have been selling there shares they received from the placement at .50 cents at a very small profit which is why the price has been staying below .60cents. So the seller at .53 has said pretty much F#%K BBY ill push the price lower by putting 500,000 shares for sale at .53 and it has worked well.

Now im putting my reputation on this stock, this is a very strong rumour going around: The managing Director of PSD is currently in Germany and very close to signing a massive deal, this deal goes through expect it to reach new highs, the MD has not spocken to any brockers for the past 3-4 weeks, my source as i have said before is very close with this company and has said if i sell now at a loss ill be regreting it, time to really trust me on this, get in. Im not hear to ramp this stock, im here to help you gain very nicely.

Hope i havent confused you all.


Rogue Trader

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Guest dervish

ASX RELEASE 18 November 2003


pSivida Limited (ASX: PSD), is pleased to announce that its UK operating subsidiary, pSiMedica Ltd has appointed Dr Jill Ogden to the newly created position of Commercial Director.


Dr Ogden will be responsible for establishing licensing and commercialisation agreements for the BioSiliconTM technology platform. Dr Ogden will examine potential new commercialisation and licensing opportunities as well as the development of the group's existing collaborative partnership portfolio.


Dr Ogden has over 16 years experience in the commercialisation of biotechnology products and until recently was the UK based Director of Business Development for Elan Drug Delivery Ltd a subsidiary of global biopharmaceutical company Elan Corporation, plc.


In this role Dr Ogden was responsible for international licensing of products and technologies and establishing drug delivery partnerships leading to licensing arrangements and has lead commercial negotiations for multi-million dollar licensing agreements in drug delivery to major pharmaceutical companies.


Dr Ogden held previous positions as Business Development Manager for Quadrant Healthcare plc and prior to this held the same position at microcapsule technology company Andaris Ltd. Dr Ogden holds a PhD in Biochemical Genetics from the University of Sheffield and held Post Doctoral Research Fellowships at Oxford University and Edinburgh University.


pSivida Managing Director, Mr Gavin Rezos said, "We are very pleased to have someone of Dr Ogden's calibre and experience working with us in what is a very important and highly specialised role. The BioSiliconTM platform has now been developed to such a point where a full-time Commercial Director is required to ensure that the development and validation of the technology is translated into a significant return for all shareholders."


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Guest dervish

Posted by: Davesss Nov 17 2003 4:08:38:780PM
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The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum and Nanotechnology Showcasing Exhibition , opens in Cairns on Wednesday,

Supported by The Federal Government's Innovation Access Program

Brewer Science Asia Limited, Hong Kong (Booth 9)
National Science & Technology Development Agency, Thailand (Booth 8)
World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (Booth 14)
Thomson Scientific, UK (Booth 13)
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia (Booth 1/2)
CSIRO/UTS Nanohouse, Australia (Booth 1/2)
Lu Papi & Associates Pty Ltd, Australia (Booth 3)
Nanomac Pty Ltd., Australia (Booth 12)
NanoQuest Pty Ltd, Australia (Booth 11)
Nanostructural Analysis Network Organisation (NANO), Major National Research Facility, Australia (Booth 4)
pSivida Ltd., Australia (Booth 7)
SMR Scientific Pty Ltd, Australia (Booth 10)
Starpharma Ltd., Australia (Booth 6)
The Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia (Booth 5)

Also tomorrow SMH continues its nano feature which I think is about 'who will make money out of nano.'

All of which confounds me as to todays share price drop......

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Hi everyone, I noticed the market depth on Psivida getting a little stronger yesterday. I suppose Gavin will be back on our shores well before Xmas?

Hope he brings some good news with him.


My first post here http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


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The bid depth above 0.50 is almost the same as the offer depth below 0.60


It's at 0.52 now so... In short, it's easier for it to go up then it is to go down.


Gavin was in Germany last week (maybe still there)


I'm sure he'll be bring "chips" home for Christmas

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