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I doubt EQN will be taken over by Minmetals. I also doubt the shareholders of EQN are dumb enough to accept a lowball bid from them (and Michelmore)


I still contend that what he did couldn't have been done any better by someone trying to destroy a company.


I'd like to see EQN buy out OZL to be honest ;P


If the OZL strategy is still to focus on Asia Pacific region (I note the last preso hinted it might not be) then may look at some of the deposits in PNG. Marengo looks to be a developing into a large scale development.

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In spite of a good QR, the OZL was sold down today. go figure ... :sadsmiley02:



I hold; considering to top up if sp finds support around current levels.

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I forgot to mention that with a cap return of 12c in the pipeline and a 200 million buyback (after the 10:1 consolidation?) coming a rally is due particularly after the settlement of the legal problems.
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Depending on the size of your holding at the time, and provided you signed up with S&G, you can expect between $100 and $5,000.

That's the proposal, I believe. The ball is now in the Court's court to approve or reject the arrangement.

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