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Bligh QLD , Rann SA , Barnett WA, and that Tasmanian will all have a word to Kevin


if the FIRB says NO at this stage then the OZL is finished


this is the OZL's last grasp at survival - the banks are not willing to fund it or they would have done so by now, and the 27/2/09 is close


and the banks are yet to agree to extend the terms of their debt arrangements beyond 27/2 until end of March


the fact that it is by scheme of arrangement is democratic enough surely - shareholders - mostly australians get to vote on it


and the plan is to give you your 82.5cps by early June so you can report a capital loss (for most) in your tax return


Xstrata a foreign company owns swathes of australian miners, why shouldnt Minmetals have some as well

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Thanks I had read similar.There is opportunity cost too with a cap on gains unless one of those white knights can be re-incarnated to give it shake.

Given the likely alternative (stuffed) FIRB and Swan surely can't knock it back and will leave it to shareholders to decide their fate?

Just mho.

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you are dead on the money DB

where is the patriotic people talk about national interests?? come up with $$$$$$$ to bid it up!!!!!

i believe most of OZL share holders are australian, is their interests not national interets???

all those workers who lost jobs since those bankers force OZL to shut down the mine, is their interests not national interests??


here we go, 64cents. a words for you cheap talks-------- PUT UP THE $$$$ TO SAVE OUR NATIONAL INTERESTS!!!!


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if i have chance to talk to him, i'd scream at him.." chirman Mao is dead long time ago, the manderin you leant from him is useless in china"!!

what to learn moden manderin? learn from EB, free of charge!!

how is that sound DB?? hahaha


pay tax all the time, and just saw him threw it away cheaply!!!

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it's about time that the australian dog got off its back and stopped showing the world its balls.


let's be difficult like the french and say 'non' and let's be intransigent like the russians and say 'nyet' to chinese govt. ownership of australian mining assets. let's show a bit off backbone and pride.


and you don't have to explain yourself to foreigners. no means no.. finish.


and who cares if the banks and shareholders take a hit. the mines will stay australian and when metal prices are higher, capital will meet opportunity and dig the stuff out.


besides, you mob couldn't dig a hole within time and under budget to save your socks.

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