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It has already broken 46 cents crassus. I don't know, may be low 40s may be a good buying opportunity.


I think CCE needs to announce how much revenue they will be making from all of these approvals in Europe, in order to spark a major re-rating.


Where is the Belgium thing going?? Any news???

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The chart is looking VERY scary to me at the moment..... Im thinking ahead in one week, if price falls 5% due to market noise, or a minor announcement, the conditions are right for a major fall.


If you look at the chart attached, you can see we are sitting on the support line. If that line breaks (who knows, it could bounce) i think we will see 15% drops over the next month.


I really dont see too much holding it up. Maybe the support levels at 42.5 and 39 will be strong?


Im sorry to sound so pessimistic. Can anyone convince me otherwise? Id like to hear your opinions!


All the best guys. Good luck to those holding.


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