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I started buying these from around 8.7c, when I noticed a sudden large buy, which seemed to change sentiment, but my major holdings were aquired up to 17.5c, as I had held these since paying 29c pre consolidation, and thought I would average down, I have subsequently traded them on the various spikes (and dips), presently tho, as things are now progressing, I would be cautiously optimistic now albeit Xmas is upon us, I have taken the liberty of borrowing (lol) this post from another forum--


"i hear they are being inundated with forward requests ahead of european approval.

also ,the rumour is that u.s approval will be fast tracked.


all rumours of course. "


I hope this is not construed as a ramp, it is merely another view, but I do hold these, and even bought some more today (slightly behind at close ) http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif


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Nice move from CCE today... Looks to having broken out of the ascending triangle on stronger volume closing on the high for the day... Getting closer to those much anticipated European sales and its always nice to see a director picking up a few here and there...


Hopefully this signals the beginning of a end of year run for CCE leading into next year which should be a ripper...

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CCE need to get both the European and US markets generating a return and real level of interest before $1 is dreamable.Even as a longish term holder, I dont aspire of $1 within the next 6months. However longer term I believe $1 would be cheap for these guys.The application has been expanded to now accommodate the cosmetic surgery industry which opens up the mkt.size by a factor of a 10!

Good luck either way.

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CCE has a working product but marketing/sales has been slow. I do not understand this inertia. The homologous (self-self) technology is great but translation into business seems to be slow - Why? So, unless there is some outstanding news, a $1 seems a long way away.


Safe and prosperous Christmas - New Year to everyone,


Gum Nut

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CCE's chart is looking great. Plenty of backup from the FA side as well with some nice developments due very early 2004. From looking at the chart it looks like CCE is getting ready for another large run perhaps to the 60c mark. Great product who's takeup is almost a certainty. Plenty more room for rises above $1 with their cosmetic application.



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More accumulation in CCE the past few trading days. Approvals should come early 2004 and sales start soon there after. The application is simple and should have a rapid take-up rate (due to the massive benefits to current burns treatment). Re-Cell is more of an unknown but should also get off the ground in 2004. The large sellers have sold out and any positive ann should see CCE test recent highs. My tip $1 when sales start.
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