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In reply to: thekiwi on Monday 11/10/04 07:13am

Could someone with the necessary skills please post a 5 year, monthy candle chart of the All Ords, also showing the MACD, Stochastic, and RSI.


Thanks in advance havn't been able to figure out how as yet.


Doesn't look that good to me.



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In reply to: Bingo on Wednesday 06/04/05 08:49pm

Bingo thank you for posting the charts, It's the monthly chart that really shows how extended the market is I think, a bit of a rounded top, 1st red candle after 10 months, I've cashed out of most holdings, think the market is going to correct in a pretty major way.


Cheers Bingo thanks again.


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Any thoughts on short term market action?


ALL ORDS only lost 9 points after a massive 1%+ slide in the US markets, showing an interesting sign of internal aussie strength... but then today we have seen alot of negative pressure on MATERIALS/ENERGY sectors, and people jumping for cover in the DEFENSIVE utilities.


MATERIALS/ENERGY stocks have been going ahead in leaps and bounds recently. Maybe prices are getting a little HOT and this temporary US JITTERS mixed with a bit of falling commodity prices will be a catalyst for a bit of a small correction/beather? A bit like back in March this year?





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