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In reply to: joyful on Saturday 23/07/05 04:46pm

I believe they are speaking to sleep clinics in queensland. There are more people with sleep apohnea in qld due to the average age of the population there.

One doctor owns 3 clinics himself and hopefully will be trialling SOM soon. Perhaps he already is trialling it. Time will tell, with more announcements.

Im not sure why they are not keeping the market more informed.


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In reply to: joyful on Sunday 24/07/05 03:35pm

I think the entry into the US is the big play. It made RMD and SOM's director Jonathan Wright was VP of RMD and I think he was with Johnson and Johnson before that so he knows the US market and what it takes to compete with RMD...Great if they can build a strong revenue stream in Aust and help to refine their products and marketing strategies. But the company maker launching pad imo is penetration into the US>


In terms of market info. their website is pretty good imo. www.somnomed.com.au I'd expect a stream of announcements over the next few months concerning their global marketing success.


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In reply to: honeycomb on Sunday 24/07/05 07:11pm

Like the past 3 MDs for the company in the past year Wright got sick of being screwed around by the chairman it seems and stumbles took Wright's place as MD.

sales of their mandibular splints have been very slow company is burning through their cash fast looking at a over $3 M smoked in 05, from a company now capped at $11m with $5M in the bank. made arond 300k in sales last in Q3 05.

Dr Palmisano still holds around 27% of stock in the company and few small shareholders

Could have been a good company if Wright had stayed I guess.


Would be good to get a sales update!


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In reply to: kiril on Wednesday 04/01/06 12:35pm

why not get on the blower and find out what their sales have been in the last month if over $200,000 in revenue then be worth keeping.

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Well, nearly 20% of the company changed hands yesterday.


Interesting to see what someone is upto....hopefully it will be revealed today.


Doesnt seem to have anyone elses interest here.


I bought 2 lines yesterday....will watch it very closely today.




I hold.

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