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Clearly, someone has not caught up with the news that Benitec has other patents which support its pipeline programs and has a lab which is developing new patents. Sure Graham patents will expire in 2018 but those who follow the company know that it is moving away from being an IP gatekeeper company to a pipeline IP company. As for being a risk, only someone unfamiliar with biotech investment would pretend that risk is not inherent in all biotechs.
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Even Dirk is sceptical of the claims they have a lab. This is what he tweeted the other day.




Benitec reports further delays in HCV ddRNAi trial. At this pace, phase I study will take 7 years. And still no lab?


What's the address again? Still got this parcel to send. I took bb33's advice and called. But nobody picked up the phone. I emailed instead. Got not response. wtf?




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And that is as close you will get. Kinda makes you go hmmmmm, doesn't it?


Makes me wonder why, the same Americans that got in to BLT are also in on VLA, when viral delivery has been kaiboshed by ALNY's sub-q GALNAC delivery system and ARWR's EET technology.




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I noticed VLA appoints a ex-CSL man to their board. Same Americans in on BLT are in on VLA.


Everyone at BLT is taking up new positions elsewhere. Why would they be doing that when there is so much growth ahead.


Any update on that second cohort yet? I know there were delays. But are the solutions to the delays delayed?


I am expecting big things in the next week or so.


Doesn't seem Dirk's Voyager is worried about FTO. Making all sorts of new appointments with carefree gaiety and wild abandon.


I guess its all up to the Chinese. They seem to have their boots on top of everything. Don't you agree bb33?


I wonder what my very good, dear and old friend ognid would think of it all.





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Didn't take long for the redactions to start.


In the AZ presentation, PF stated TKMR are using ddRNAi and their SNALP is the delivery modality. This is probably the parallel universe the CEO of MRNA was talking about all those years ago. The original universe being antisense.


Lets imagine that TKMR are using ddRNAi for a moment. Currently, everyone is speculating that it is TKMR's drug being used against the Ebola outbreak. And if you believe the stories people have been administered with it. I don't know the outcome for these people but it can only be either very good i.e. a one shot cure or very bad i.e. death.


If the outcome is very good and the role of ddRNAi is revealed can you imagine the effect on the stock price?


But then, if it is very bad and the role of ddRNAi is revealed can you imagine the effect on the stock price?


My money is on the latter.


Someone somewhere has figured out this Ebola thing is a good way of getting around the FDA requirements in order to see whether ddRNAi has efficacy. In other words, this is the make or break of BLT.


Whichever way it goes, a cheap buy out is the probable outcome.




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The fact that you make such ridiculous claims about TKMR and ddRNAi shows that you don't understand either technology. Pointing to a typo in one presentation as your evidence is a pathetic attempt to justify your nonsense.


You have been making claims of a takeover every week for longer than I can remember. Your claims have NEVER been right and your track record isn't about to change.

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