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GSK attending this conference. Lots of little companies attending too. But not BLT.


Lots of companies moving now. Check out CBZ. But not BLT.


Lots of other companies making placements and raising capital quite easily. But not BLT.


Instead they're letting the BLTOA's expire worthless. They'd rather have La Jolla on board. Says it all about this management team no matter what that report says. It actually reminds of the InterSuisse one.




Presenting Companies:

QBiotics Limited

Viralytics Limited (ASX:VLA)

KarmelSonix Ltd (ASX:KSX)

Phylogica Limited (ASX:PYC)

Anteo Diagnostics Limited (ASX:ADO)

Magma Mines Ltd

Phosphagenics Limited (ASX:POH)

Circadian Technologies (ASX:CIR)

Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:PGL)

Eastland Medical Systems Limited (ASX:EMS)

Gold Mines of Peru Limited (ASX:GMO)

EcoQuest Limited (ASX:ECQ)

Enerji Limited (ASX:ERJ)

Gold Road Resources Limited (ASX:GOR)

Mesynthes Ltd

Advanced Braking Technology (ASX:ABV)

Emergent Resources (ASX:EMG)

Virax Pty Ltd

Jumbo Interactive Limited (ASX:JIN)

Resonance Health Limited (ASX:RHT)

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as this conference is going to consist of 20 small cap west Oz Co's, miners included, you reckon it's a good use of benitec's resources

to be there??


Many private and small cap ASX listed companies struggle for visibility with the focus of financial markets and media mainly concentrated on the ASX 300 and larger private companies. The Small Cap Showcase is about placing a spotlight on the companies of the future, and the CEOs who lead them.


i might wander down and pass a few benitec flyer's around - it's free entry












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Scientists at University of Queensland Target Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Weekly - Mar. 31, 2011


A report, 'Inhibition of cervical cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo with dual shRNAs,' is newly published data in Cancer Gene Therapy. According to recent research from , "RNA interference (RNAi)-based gene silencing is widely used in laboratories for gene function studies and also holds a great promise for developing treatments for diseases. However, in vivo delivery of RNAi therapy remains a key issue."


"Lentiviral vectors have been employed for stable gene transfer and gene therapy and therefore are expected to deliver a stable and durable RNAi therapy. But this does not seem to be true in some disease models. Here, we showed that lentivirus delivered short-hairpin RNA (shRNA) against human papillomavirus (HPV) E6/E7 oncogenes were effective for only 2 weeks in a cervical cancer model. However, using this vector to carry two copies of the same shRNA or two shRNAs targeting at two different but closely related genes (HPV E6 and vascular endothelial growth factor) was more effective at silencing the gene targets and inhibiting cell or even tumor growth than their single shRNA counterparts. The cancer cells treated with dual shRNA were also more sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs than single shRNA-treated cells," wrote W. Gu and colleagues, University of Queensland (see also Gene Therapy).


The researchers concluded: "These results suggest that a multi-shRNA strategy may be a more attractive approach for developing an RNAi therapy for this cancer."


Gu and colleagues published their study in Cancer Gene Therapy (Inhibition of cervical cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo with dual shRNAs. Cancer Gene Therapy, 2011;18(3):219-27).


For additional information, contact W. Gu, UQ Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia..



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