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ALNY may as well take down the 'not for sale' sign now


great work by Novartis - puts added pressure on the other big pharma

who held back on getting their pegs in early, though getting in early evidently

may not have been enough if a premium was put down for undermined IP


to secure a cornerstone in RNAi IP now, a cornerstone that has been

re-tested and found true by USPTO judges, would be timely



can some on eplease explain this in english , one minute the alny options a worth alot next minute big pharma doesnt want them. Where does that put the 5 exclusive options that benitec have. i got a feeling that we dont really need them with our technology proving it self....

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sorry Buda - Novartis certainly do want the Alny disease targets - they've secured

31 of them, and did so at an early bird discount (2005). What they don't want is to extend

the R&D partnership with Alny. Novartis have stated instead they want to go it alone -

with their inhouse scientists. Make of that what you will - given a number of big pharma

have been recruiting in the RNAi expertise area it says to me they are very keen on RNAi

for their future work.


The cryptic bit i was going on about that you've highlighted is i reckon with Novartis

taking 31 exclusive RNAi disease targets this puts other big pharma under pressure

to think long and hard about what's left on the RNAi exclusive IP table. In pre re-exam

days '099 was considered a cornerstone, ie: 1 of the 4 big pillars, of RNAi IP. To have that

re-established now via a good outcome from BPAI would provide a sweet bargaining position

for benitec to put to the likes of Pfizer etc.


from what i can tell on Alny website the Alny InterfRx options provide benitec with freedom

on 5 disease targets - noting even when using ddRNAi benitec still need to go through Alny's

Tuschle tollgate.

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drunk the whole bottle of SA red myself cause you lot are all asleep :puke: .

partying like it's 1979 here.


here's the link to the entire judges decision for those who give a fat rat's:

just click on 'decision date' to flip dates so latest shown, then under

'application number' click on 90007247.


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no worries Wiz. been an interesting ride to this point.


finally there can be some traction on the sp, as the market

won't be distracted by the big grey cloud that was the re-exam.


i think timing as far as the RNAi landscape and BLT IP's progress

in the clinic to date is concerned couldn't be much better.


not sure how this La Jolla funding plays out now - Enu's been

right on everything to date so i'm hoping the fully upheld '099

will bump dilution concerns to a greater degree

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I think it was claim five that was the big one. That's why I was alarmed by what The Adder posted yesterday. To have that in the bag is a really big deal.


Now lets see the transaction details. Coincidentally Silence is up over 20% overnight.


Do you think I shouldn't have been so pessimistic drafter? SM must be breaking out that champers she put on ice a long time ago.

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