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That is where I hold a different point of view.


I think even if the patent were to be upheld the market still wouldn't get it. Maybe some re-rating of some sort but nothing that puts a value on it which is accurate because BLT is still a difficult stock to understand.


It is for these reasons, I believe the company must expose itself to a more complex market.


The way it does this will be interesting.


I believe the logical way, is for them to maintain their ASX listing and low cost strategy but licence the IP to different companies (Cytrx) for an equity stake and for shareholders to receive this holding as a dividend.


Time will tell if this will happen or not but so far everything indicates a deal is in the wings pending the patent outcome.

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In reply to: plastic on Wednesday 01/08/07 01:40pm

Plastic, I think the aussie market reacts well to good news but with terrible short term memory effects - it seems like day trading and hype that drives it. The Aussie market appears to not be able to place a good long term value on BLT and therefore I agree that it needs a more understanding / competent investor base.


Do we need institutional backing on the register? I'm not sure from memory that there was much on the top 20 that fit that category - talking without thinking sorry...


Stocks that have good PR to institutions seem to do well in helping hold the value up as they get large chunks absorbed that from my perspective make the stock less liquid and less susceptible to these stupid fluctuations i.e. a floor gets placed under the price.


Does anyone else think BLT should be doing more in that space i.e PR to institutions?

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In reply to: britcarfreak on Wednesday 01/08/07 04:51pm


Does anyone else think BLT should be doing more in that space i.e PR to institutions?


In a sense - Benitec will become the ultimate PR company. After all, the only thing it has to sell is access to licensed technologies (patent collections, proprietary technology) to facilitate RNA mediated therapies and industrial processes. The target will be pharma and biological industrial companies on the revenue side. I would expect the institutions to be targets for capital raising to fund projects. Tacere is a case in point - the money men are separate from the scientists - who are separate from the IP owners, largely.


Plastic is right - the market for this kind of company is in the US.

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I think I am beginning to discern Benitec IP strategy.


- In the beginning Benitec "owned" the Graham '099 (US 6573099). However, CSIRO had rights to this. The situation has been sorted - with Benitec as a licensee of a basket of CSIRO owned patents. Benitec has human application of these patents.


- The dismissal of the Nucleonics appeal is really excellent news. This is because the question of patent "invalidity" can now no longer be addressed as an issue to be defended by Benitec. CSIRO own the patent - Benitec is a licensee.


- In the future, if Nucleonics want to file an invalidation claim against the patent - they have CSIRO to deal with.


- Nucleonics have filed a number of "prior art" claims triggering the USPTO ex-partes re-examination. The Nucleonics claims have not survived the examination process. What does remain are a number of USPTO originated objections.


- Should Nucleonics attempt to put the "prior art" claims to a court, to overturn the patent - the argument of "presumption of validity" would be a very powerful counter claim.


- I do not know if Nucleonics would have to deal with estoppel (being unable to make an allegation or a denial that contradicts what one has previously stated as the truth) where the USPTO grants prior invention to Benitec for Fire claims used to attempt to overturn the Graham '099.


I am not a patent lawyer. I am not a patent practitioner.


However, from a science viewpoint - I do believe Benitec has the scientific "priority" over Fire & Mello for the claims they have made in the Graham '099 patent. How this translates to formal patent rights - I claim no expertise.


I seem to be slow in catching on to the big picture. Having studied the situation for some time - I do believe I can discern a strategic approach being taken to the management of the intellectual property by both CSIRO and Benitec. If the USPTO re-examination is successful - I would say that CSIRO/Benitec will find themselves in a wonderful position, strategically.


I would even suggest that Nucleonics would find the current Benitec approach of collaboration rather than litigation to be beneficial to their projects. Now this is supreme irony given past events.


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I'm starting to freak out - the BLTOA's have had a really big volume and are pushing price down - currently 6c.


Now normally I'd think YAY a great time to buy - but this has gone on for a few days now with abnormal volume - yet the head shares are up. What's going on?


One would assume that the options are of appeal to long-term traders in general and that these are clearly excellent value. SO WHY WOULD THERE BE A SELL DOWN OF THESE AT SUCH A BIG AMOUNT AT PRESENT? People should be holding these!@


Does someone with a big holding think that BLT's long-term prospects just got worse?

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In reply to: britcarfreak on Friday 03/08/07 03:52pm

There are a variety of reasons to sell - wife wants a kitchen, "better" prospects somewhere else, you want to buy a red "S" (whatever that is).


I will confess - I bought over 100k of the BLTOA's a few minutes ago. 6 cents is a very good price to pay http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


Remember, it all hinges on the patent re-exam. Also remember, in ex-partes re-exam proceedings issues may be identified by the Nucleonics' of this world but the proceedings are between the examiner and the patentee. If the patentee can convince the examiner that she, in fact, got it right the first time - then the claims stand.


In the current case, the examiner has been very thorough - introducing prior art that even Nucleonics did not identify. Hence, I think if Benitec/CSIRO have "all their ducks in a row" - the examiner certainly has the brains to make the right decision.


RNAi is being invested in and a number of second generation therapies are moving past IND into phase 1.


Having the Graham '099 claim reaffirmed would be pretty useful, commercially, right about now.

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Bugger. I was just about to buy that 100k parcel and before I could locate the cash someone grabbed them .... GRRR! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif It was you Enumerate


An 'S' is the very last of the Triumph Saloons to be manufactured around 1977-1978. I have a rather nice example of one. I've also got a '63 Spitfire which is rather tidy.


Looks like the market is levelling out. I think we'll be OK from here on......

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In reply to: britcarfreak on Friday 03/08/07 02:14pm

Sorry guys, I am new to this topic on BLTOA. Can you pls tell me what the options allow you to do and when? I mean, can you convert this to the BLT shares at a certain price by a certain date?


Also, the 52 week high for BLT is $1.04 and low is only $0.12 so it is really a stock to buy now? What do they make? Looks like it has been sold off by everyone. Will it vanish away or go up again? Why would it go up again? Pls share your views if you don't mind. Tks guys.

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