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I am still asking what the fine details of the deal are. I personally dont feel the announcement explains exactly how a compromise has been met. I am a little unsure how significantly BLT will benifit from this compromise.


This agreement fully resolves the dispute between Benitec, CSIRO and Queensland DPI. All
parties retain research rights in their fields of interest. John McKinley, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer of Benitec said "This deal provides clear and certain commercialisation
pathways for this technology."
Benitec will focus on commercialising ddRNAi for "human applications" including research
models used in functional genomics. CSIRO will focus on commercialising "non-human
applications", including plants, animals and insects. Queensland DPI will continue its ddRNAi
research and will benefit from access to both Benitec and CSIRO's global commercialisation


Benitec and CSIRO will share revenues generated from the commercial applications of ddRNAi,
each party retaining the majority of revenue generated from its respective area.


The majority is a good thing, since I believe human applications has a greater potential than non human.

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There has been alot of upside removed due to BLT losing "non-human" applications. The human applications will take much much longer to develop and test where as non-human applications are more widespread and quicker to commercialise. A big hit to the company but still a huge upside if they get a few applications off the ground. Certainly one to keep on the watchlist.
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY blackbook, Tue 06/01/04 07:05pm   [READ POST]

Price looks like bottoming. What is the time frame to commercialisation, are we expecting developments soon?

As a follower and believer in next generation science, I am truely excited by the gene silencing technology BLT is leading in. Simply amazing stuff. To the lay man, its like non destructive genetic engineering.... once mastered, the ability to turn on and off genetic expression in both humans and pathogenic organisms alike.




It refuses to break below $1, but its trying, and that is worrying to me. I remember a day, a few days following the CSIRO announcement when there was a 20 cent gap between the bids. Very scary stuff. If this share was better known to the public, and if the public could understand its applications, i would feel price would be back up around 1.30, where i think it belongs.


The problem with next generation science is there isnt much financial interest for the short term.


Short term, id rate BLT as a sell. I dont see enough support, and if price drops below $1, i think it might be hard to get it back up over that, without another positive announcement. Buy in again, when price rises above the $1.20 resistance.


Surely there have to be some people following this share. It may be small, but its hit the papers a few times.


Has a lot of potential, but very risky, IMO


Anyone else out there?

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