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**New Member Introductions**


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Welcome Poplar; you will enjoy reading and participating at SS I feel its a pretty honest bunch and the Admin takes no prisoners

Good luck with your next few trades market not easy to read at present Take OXR as example people not sure which way it will go short term.



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Welcome Popler

I have been a SS poster for more than a year now,

a serious trader for 2yrs.

Great community of like minded people, who are willing to share

their research.

Many hands make light work.


Take it easy,happy trading



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In reply to: maxine0303 on Thursday 09/03/06 10:21am

Hi maxine0303,

i've only been around this site for a short time too, although i've been a share watcher and buyer for 15-20 years.

I mostly concentrate on ASX300 coys with good yield and low PE with some specs thrown in for good measure.

But I never would put all my funds in the market - balance is everything.

nice to meet you!



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welcome Popler & maxineo3o3


Nice to have you around, I am sure you both will enjoy being here

at sharescene, IMHO the best Australian sharemarket message board

forum for stock chat.


This is the key to sharescene "Stock chat" and you need to read posts

then follow up with your own research for clarification purposes and

"peace of mind"


Some of us have frequented this site since it's inception and are still enjoying

the experience.


Stay a while get involved and I am sure you will feel the same.


Use the "PM" system if we wish to make contact with other posters, I am sure

they will help in anyway they can.


Good Luck with your investments

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Hi guys

I am writing this from high up in the snow covered mountains near Lake Tahoe in Northern California. I'm on holiday visiting family and friends a long way from home in Perth. It's been great to be able to check in with the guys at share scene, and catch up on what's been happening on my stocks while I'm too busy having fun http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif to watch them moment by moment like I usually do.


I've only been around share scene for about a month, but I've found it to be very friendly, informative, and loads of fun.


I'm been more of a trader than a long term investor, however I have decided to see the current drilling programs of FAR and SAE thru to the bitter (or sweet) end. It's killing me to hold a stock more than two weeks, but it's a new experience which will hopefully be good for me and my bank balance. I'm just getting a bit tired of thinking I'm pretty clever having made a quick 10-20% in a few days on a particular stock, only to see the same stock double or triple in the months after I lost patience and sold. I can't tell you how many time this has happened http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif So I've now got my big toe dipped in the investing pond, and we'll see how I go.


I stick primarily to the junior oil and gas stocks with the odd mining stock just to keep it interesting. Every once in a while I'll cross sectors for a day trade, but for now I find it usefull to specialize.


All the best to all the other newbies here at sharescene. I'll be back in Perth in a few weeks, but for right now I'm enjoying the snow, hot tub, and tuaca. Cheers

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Hi there friends. I'm new to the game from little ol NZ across the ditch... i've been playing around with oil stocks with the dream of catching a big one to retire on... if that ever happens. One of my stocks is 'BUY' I became interested when I noticed they had a permit for the Great South Basin here in NZ. There's all sorts of stories about this place being full of it!!!! I suppose we'll find out one day. I was hoping 'BUY' would get a chance at it again. I've also got stocks in NZO, LKO and CUE, mainly because at the time they were I guess penny dreadfuls. Well I hope one day I didn't make too much of a mistake buying cheapies instead of more exspensive secure stocks. I am finding 'ShareScene' very interesting and helpful.


"They say that anyone who hasn't made mistakes has never learn't anything" http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif

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In reply to: acamar on Friday 28/04/06 01:44pm

welcome 2 a great little family,i will still be learing in about 50 yrs i love all my shares & don/t like letting them go i find it hard 2 turn the computer off in case i miss anything....s.s is great......maxine0303 http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif

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