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In reply to: achown on Sunday 23/01/05 11:08pm

hey achown,


welcome aboard ... great to hear from you. Feel free to ask if you want info re a stock. xlnt collective espertise on ShareScene. Some (like me) may not know the answers but may know where to point you, or ... who to point you too. But always someone who can help out.



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It is fantastic to hear from you!


A warm welcome to the ShareScene.com community.


Every member has much to contribute, whether it be in the form of analysis, research, opinions, discussion, or just a simple question such as "Im lost, who can help me".


I look forward to seeing some more of your posts on the boards!


Once again, congratulations on your first post and all the best!




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In reply to: bentley on Monday 14/03/05 06:50pm

Hey, Bentley, welcome. I reckon a good starting tool for trading is Metastock (its also good for advanced traders). As for data sources - there are a slew of them available, and the bargains seem to vary from month to month. You can probably also get data deals from on-line brokers: a recent Shares magazine had a list of on-line brokers from memory, plus the services they offered. Might be worth your while to go to your newsagent or to a library to sus it out.


Also, you'll find there are a few threads on these sorts of issues on ShareScene!


Go to it, and good luck!

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In reply to: bentley on Monday 14/03/05 06:50pm



i use etrade & their Pro. IRESS platform - real time market trading & free if you make more than 10 trades per month. Comsec have a similar platfrom my brother uses them but IMO not nearly as good as etrade




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Hey guys,


Ive been trading for about 5 years now... started just before the tech boom, made some great quick profits, then lost them all in a few months.


Its really scary to look back and see how little i knew about trading back then. I hardly understood how to read the market depth. It really shows that a fool can easily earn when the market is booming, but just as easily lose if they dont have good risk and portfolio management techniques.


Well.... thanks for welcoming me to sharescene ill hopefully be posting a bit more now


I am a technical analysis trader, but having been trading that recently. I hope to get into it a bit more.




popler http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: popler on Monday 08/08/05 01:59pm

You mistakenly took a bull market for brains ay Popler http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif me too, I got into market several months before the tech wreck and got spanked, but learnt some invaluable lessons, stop losses being one.


Cheers and all the best.

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In reply to: popler on Monday 08/08/05 01:29pm

welcome Popler, I've been in the market for 10 years now and still trying to make money...j/k


It's healthy to lose money,it makes you more focussed and I lost a hell of a lot in year 2. Stick with it, have a good exit strategy, an dstick to your trading plan and the rewards will come.

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