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anybody had a look at CCI holdings??


seems like an ok turnaround, stripping out the abnormals the result was reasonable and my understanding is these guys are the only (???) ones that test the thermal properties for coal...given BHP's expansion and coal stocks running hot it seems reasonable that CHL will tag along for the ride over the next 5yrs.

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Hi Wolverine,


I have followed CHL for over 10years, and it has had lots of promise but never quite delivered. They used to pay a very high div relative to the SP, this kept the price up.


Over last few years they have struggled to bring home the bacon, interest costs have been to high, and several writeoffs dampened things.


They have been in the Ukraine for quite a number of years, and have held the Lubelia and Pluton coal mines there for about 5 years. They expanded by taking over POPE engineering but again that failed to deliver.


In the last year much has improved, several new directors have come onboard with the intention of reducing debt, and improving returns, with the aim of re-instating dividends.

The coal mines have been farmed out so to speak, and promise substantial returns.

The core superintending business has always held things together, but it also is improving with better returns from the UKraine and Indonesia promised.


The price has recovered over the last year, and I believe more is to come.


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for right or wrong i have taken a nibble at 15.5c


market had sold em down after they were suspended for lodging the report late.


best i can tell is the underlying biz is ok, however they are expensing a number of items making the headline numbers look ordinary and there is one doubtful or bad debt.


anyway, i am only talking to myself so if it turns to crap i have no one else to blame.

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Hi Wolverine,


If your timeframe is 12months plus you should do well. Some of the new directors onboard recently pushed forward the writedowns and accounting clearing of the decks.


The ongoing business is sound and growing, any progress on the coal mines will be a bonus. I have tired on the lack of deliverability by this company and liquidated most of my holding last year.


Hopefully they can move forward and get that debt under control.



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