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QUOTE (mattbl @ Thursday 02/09/04 08:58pm)

Thanks for the replies


Here is an extract of the email I got


Thanks again



Thank you for contacting Westpac Broking.


Westpac Broking does not accept conditional orders such as 'all or

nothing'. Hence there are instances where your order may only be

partially filled or completed over several days. If your order is a

"day only" order, the unfilled portion of the order will be purged from

the market, and you will be charged full brokerage on the part purchase

which has taken place.


As your order is not a "day only" order, then the remainder of the

order will remain on the stock market until the order expiry date.

Completion of an order over different days will NOT attract additional

brokerage. The brokerage will appear on the first contract note and not

on the subsequent contract note/s.



EDIT: And my order was filled today http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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with the USA broker Robinhood offering free brokerage, at the cost of a trade being accessible to HFT (nothing is free), there are new outfits setting up in Aust that provide cheap, or at least cheaper, brokerage than what we have become used to.


Latest to undercut the Aussie market is Superhero, offering a flat fee of $5 per trade and optional $9 monthly subscription .

As well Selfwealth, an ASX listed entity (SWF), offers reduced rates, at least for small trades. Share brokerage is only $9.50 per online trade, no account fees, no scaling brokerage fees. https://www.selfwealth.com.au/


And those who only trade occasionally, the OpenTrader Investor Wealth platform has no monthly fees, offers charting, price alerts, conditional orders, unlimited watchlists, live portfolio valuation and access to their proprietary Asset Greed/Fear Index. Brokerage starts from just $5 a trade.


Just make sure you stay with a HIN. That way, you own the shares. Some sneaky proportional investing platforms do not offer that, but rather combine and allocate. Fine when it is going well, just do not moan and carry on if (when?) it gets into trouble. Read the small print.

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