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what is BIG NEWS is the revenue figures included in the announcement

"This could make the value of the SHM technology market for aging commercial aircraft in excess of US$80 million per year."

And remember that all the cost of this technology has already been expensed so that revenue flows straight through to the botom line!

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Also have a look at page 3 (near the top)

it states---

The Airbus JDA (Joint Development Agreement) is planned to conclude by the end of
2007, but may be accelerated at the request of Airbus to enable the CVM systems to be available for inclusion into existing & new Airbus aircraft.


In one or two years from now, SMN should be printing money.



just to add one more thing, further down on page 3,


The accuracy of the information provided by CVM had never been achieved before


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QUOTE (Financial Chatter @ Friday 09/03/07 07:47am)


SMN is a stock i havent posted on , even though i have followed SMN for a long time.

I recently bought in about 3 mths ago.

Because SMN is an R & D company i dont like to post bullish comments & then have the stock price sit at 20 cents for the next 5 years.

This brings me to the point i am going to make. The SMN s.p. could very well sit at

20cents for another 12 to 18 mths. IF SMN remains "invisible" in the market place

to other investors. This is a worse case scenario though.


SMN"s CVM product really has no peer , certainly in terms of simplicity of design, & it is

also fail safe.

The very fact you have boeing & airbus paying for the development & testing of

the product over the last 5 years shows how serious this is.

The CVM technology could well become the worldwide industry standard for all types of aircraft.


No need for me to prattle on about the product & its huge market place it has in front of it.


Much easier for me to say , that SMN is certainly not a $50 million company.

At the very least SMN is a $150 million Co , & although i dont like making bold calls,

i think SMN could easily be a $500 million Co. in 2 or 3 years time.


nothing like having a monopoly (& patented) product.


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Looks to be going nowhere at the moment with the large sell depth at buy and above. Just the same the chart looks ok, imv. Perhaps some consolidation around this level. Fundamentals seem to be very good.


Cheers Charles

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QUOTE (Financial Chatter @ Monday 12/03/07 09:09pm)

Thanks FC,


I can't find the audio broadcast that you speak of, do you have a link for that?


Cheers Charles

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