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Hi All,

Not specifically the CVM STC, but Intelsat (GoGo) installations seem to have recovered nicely, so I assume that additional STCs could be obtained.  Hopefully with a more streamlined approval process 😁


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis in commercial aviation, Intelsat in the last 18 months secured new inflight connectivity orders with airlines covering 720 aircraft, while seeing its 2Ku IFC solution fitted at the factory to new Airbus A220 and A320 family aircraft. Delivery of new 2Ku-fitted Boeing 737 MAXs from the airframer are expected to resume next year.


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Hi All,

From 27/7/2021 June 21 Quarterly update:

”To date, SMS and Delta have outfitted twenty (20) B737-NG individual aircraft with CVM kits and are now collecting data to support the current AMOC-approval process within Boeing.  Further, Delta Tech Ops - Delta’s key technical and R&D arm - have now formally requested a quotation from SMS to outfit an additional seven (7) aircraft with APB CVM kits that will be included in Delta’s 2022 provisional budget.”

With support from both Boeing & Delta, and armed with actual flight data from a large number of aircraft, I’m personally hopeful of FAA approval sooner rather than later.😁




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