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In reply to: arthur on Thursday 20/10/05 10:33pm

I think you may regret it. I have heard news is coming re more contracts. SMN is one company I am holding until at least late next year. I am not trying to trade it.


Anyway in this market you may be able to buy back cheaper soon.

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In reply to: kelder2001 on Monday 09/10/06 07:03pm

Reading the latest newsletter it is easy to realise why SMN is about to fly. There are some very telling and obvious hints as to what is about to unfold.


Page 1: "The culmination of this testing will be a joint boeing, FAA, ANNC, University of Arizona, and SMS paper, which will be presented to the Air Transportation Association NDT conference on 19th October detailing the crack detection performance in actual flight environments, and the prospects for structural health monitoring applications on commercial aircraft."


Now I am no genius but you don't have to be Einstein to work out that SMN's technology is about to get the green light in the US. So tell me, are the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration the body responsible for the advancement, safety and regulation of civil aviation), Boeng, AANC, the University of Arizona and SMN going to stand up at this conference and say what a failure that SMN's CVM crack detection technology is. I don't think so. In fact I will speculate that just before the 19th or in about one weeks time we will see a significant announcement from SMN detailing what will be presented at the conference. I suspect it will be the commercial green light for this unique and very impressive Australian technology.


Secondly, the newsletter talks about how SMN and Boeing have been working with significant US airlines that operate 737's and MD80's. Now I am just speculating but two of the largest operators of these types of aircraft are Southwest and American respectively. Oh I can feel that there could be some very sweet commercial contracts just around the corner.


If my hunch turns out to be true then SMN is about to launch into a significant uptrend and be will be rerated by the investment community. It will undoubtedly make some big dollars for those that are now set.


Speaking of those who are set I can clearly see why the likes of Goldman Sach's became substantial shareholders in SMN some time ago; because they recognised its potential and wanted a large parcel early before the market awoke to its potential. And good on them to because this is one investment that is about to pay off for them.


Make your own choice but based on the information currently available in the public arena SMN is a screaming BUY.





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In reply to: paulhart on Monday 09/10/06 07:11pm

Almost a year without a post, been very lonely here.


They do need some contracts from the US to keep them going now that Airbus has pushed its delivery dates out. The vehicle application may prove more a bigger winner because of the high volumes involved. Sales of either should hopefully equal some share price movement finally.


Like the story and hold. (the market may or may not agree)




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In reply to: paulhart on Tuesday 24/10/06 01:08pm

All the buys been pulled this morning. Depth looking decidedly Sick http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/puke.gif



Our breakout is broken.



Oh well, lucky I am patient.




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