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In reply to: compint on Thursday 03/02/05 04:18pm

I hope you are right, I'd like to make more on these than last time.


Any of the major manufacturers would see it move substantially.


I don't know if it'll move that buyer at 20c though. Still it was probably the feint to get it to the curent price.


OBV doesnt suggest much in the way of accumulation.


The depth doesn't give away to much.


Anyway I like your version.


Anyone know how much they will charge per unit?






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well theres the announcement and quite a good one.Pity not for permanent installation on airbus, but thats another path they have to go through for proving up sensor reliability. Obvious that airbus is now right behind them and that wont go unnoticed by other majors.Looking fwd for more good news.
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In reply to: compint on Thursday 17/02/05 07:22pm

splitview on hotcopper was right on about announcements at avalon airshow.there is some news and quite possible an income earning one have to wait and see, my guess is a milt deal.strange hows shares have taken a tumble would like to know buyers maybe he will reveal himself after airshow?

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Can anyone give a TA spin for this co.




OZGAZ http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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especially like this article found at:




dated March 2005



"Many aircraft inspections currently require personnel to access difficult or hazardous areas. The inspections also require removal of structure, sealant often must be removed and restored with the commensurate damage to structure, ventilation must take place, etc. An automated inspection method that does not have reduced accuracy and that could take place with personnel remote to the inspection area is desirable. Permanently mounted sensors in the inspection areas that could be remotely interrogated would be the simplest option. A CVM portable system is currently available for this purpose. Boeing, FAA, Airbus, Northwest Airlines, US Navy and RAAF are currently conducting independent verification trials with Structural Monitoring Systems Ltd (SMS). These trials involve laboratory, environmental and on-aircraft tests. The validation trial with the US Navy has involved an on-aircraft installation for the last 18 months and recently successfully detected a crack. SMS is now conducting a joint Boeing/Northwest Airlines/FAA validation trial on a flying DC-9. The wing spar in the fuel tank area of the wing is to be monitored. The current inspection requires four days for completion and will be reduced to five minutes by CVM. The system has been installed and should result in CVM being approved as an alternate means of compliance (AMOC)."

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QUOTE (OZGAZ @ Saturday 21/05/05 07:14am)

Can anyone give a TA spin for this co. Cheers OZGAZ http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


Hi OG,


Have been watching of late with the developements and a break of down trend, would like to see a consolidation pattern form around current region followed by a break out to give more credence to the break of down trend.


Chart as of 10:57




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Picking up again,could be due to another announcement perhaps the airbus agreement been signed and my guess is that other airforce interest could be south african, just a long shot have to wait and see.should keep an eye on the jsf program it should not be discounted either but it would be a way down the track.Technology speaks for itself.
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