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Posted on another forum by someone with a slightly warped sense of reality!!



“ Has anybody been able to figure out what is holding back the sale of afamelanotide?â€


Not really sure TBH IGGY, but:


health authorities have been stating for years, categorically that “theres no such thing as a safe tan†and


“sunlight damages skins cells the moment your exposed to itâ€


and “no tans worth dying forâ€


and plenty of other overly simplistic, totally unbalanced, incorrect and unhealthy rhetoric and scare tactics over the decades whilst never missing an opportunity to spruik the alleged benefits of toxic endocrine disrupting suncream.


This slightly biased, hysterical outlook might possibly go someway to understanding why they’ve locked the skin tanning drug down into “special centres†where even off label usage is denied for 10 years post approval.



Maybe this is why the photo protection genius PW has gone back to starting line to try his luck with one of these other possible mind blowing indications for the skin tanning drug Scenesse.â€â€



Utterly preposterous assumptions!!

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Be careful who you follow regarding those who make CUV share price predictions. It's always good to get a variety of inputs

from different people with different views. Blindly following bros predictions on the Internet doesn't usually work out well.

Terrible track record for the resident s/t guy who passes as an expert

on financials. Go back and read his past predictions from years past.


I get a kick out of the 2021 share price predictions.


It's about time for another cuv 8-page newsletter. I'm beginning to think that's what the CEO is paid millions to do.


But the minions just eat it up.

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Mr. Dürr: I am a patient and therefore a user of afamelanotide. I am now 51 years old. I had to hide in the dark for so many years because I just couldn't get into the light.


We have to be clear: it's about the light, not the warmth. That means, even at minus 10 degrees, when the sun shines it hurts me. It just hurts my skin, it makes me terrible Pain. If you overdo it, you lie in the dark for two or three days, you cool off the hands, the face, you don't know how to suppress the pain in any way.


It's been a completely different life since I've been treated with afamelanotide.


Otherwise you can do that not introduce. You can do things that you could never have done in the light. I can with mine Family go shopping, ***I can do anything a normal person does.*** I can mine Coming to work, I can do my work, even though I have a job as a teenager chose inside.


It would be unthinkable to do a job that you can somehow use sunlight should have done. So, as I said, it's a completely different life for me. I do not want it miss more. I live near Stuttgart, I always go to Zurich to see Ms. Anna Minder.


These are for I really do quite a long trip, especially now, for example, in the time of the corona pandemic. Traveling to Switzerland is not that great now, nor is it that easy. It costs too. As I said, you have to get up pretty early. If you want to keep the appointment at 10 a.m. in Zurich, you leave at 5 a.m. It's a 500km round trip. I have to still make additional payments of 80 francs per implant. ***I have to take a vacation for this.*** Do that I like everything very much, I don't care about anything, the main thing is that I get the medication and can my life Go on living as in the last four or five years.


I am now in my fifth year of treatment. Like me enjoy this life meanwhile! As I said, I am only a layman, I can only describe it to you in an amateur manner. With all the medical things, I can't follow some things, but off



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This site sucks, not least of all because Zodiac1, oystercatcher and now Paul Jackson (?) are here. There's no way in hell oystercatcher would've been asked to come over to Sharetease. Can't even contribute one skerrick of research or insight here let alone bring anything of worth over to Sharetease. Hilarious.
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You really need to question why it is so important for dude to come over to other forums to bag sites and posters.


This guy puts himself up as mr fixer. What a joke.


It’s clear they are buying back in at your expense.


Don’t sell, if you can.









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If you're so smart, you would have not been outfoxed by this management team. They played the likes of your ilk like a fiddle with the newsletters and such.


You're two steps behind.


Is the share price $80 like your hero poster said it would be?


Smart money can read the tea leaves.


The rest whine on forums. How empty your world must be.

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The shorters are moving the share price down at the moment to buy back in before Clinuvel releases their results. They are after our closely held “long”shares yet again. The churn of negative comments by the supposedly highly educated posters looks like a scraped script from Home and Away at times. Posters turn on one another to try and gain credibility with visiting readers who have accidentally stumbled on the site that puts itself up as a well researched site? Yes as stated below these posters were on this site before having to created their own site because of the rubbish some were posting here. Surely not all the posters on the site are small time shorters or hedge fund employees but mum and dad day share traders hoping to ride the shirt tails of these clowns. Imagine what it is like to be one of these shorter dudes. Always looking for a way to distort creditable information and data to seed doubt to gain tightly held shares. Then pumping in positive information when they are selling your shares lent to them by brokers to increase their short position. The graphs on Shortman reveal a pattern between their posts and the amount being shortered. Don’t sell, be long not short, long is better lol.



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